Auto Dailers


A gadget switch that is linked to a telephone line, Dialers screen the dialed numbers and modify them to provide smooth and uninterrupted services. By automatically inserting and adapting the numbers based on per-programmed data, a Dialer allows the user to subscribe to the service providers at their wish and feasibility.

Auto Dialers supplied by Deepija Telecom are high quality automated dialing software for a wide variety of voice message broadcasting needs.

Auto Dialers

dial telephone numbers and either initiate a phone conversation with OR play a recorded message to your customers, partners, constituents, or community, etc.


• Facilitates automatic dialing with a single click.
• Provides Live call transfer & Voice message for any response.
• Offers Record and voice broadcast in your own voice.
• Detects human pick up and answering machine.
• Sets or schedules broadcast time, auto reschedule.
• Initiates automatic retry for busy line or no answer.
• Saves/restores call list, import or copy-paste call list.
• Automatically schedules call for next day if calls not finished.
• Text-to-speech engine for customizing each phone call.
• Imports phone numbers from Excel sheet or Text file or from external database or from internal database.


• Easy to use, flexible, reliable, and affordable;
• Easy to Install, Operate, and Upgrade;
• Improves your Corporate communication system;
• Increases productivity through automation of routine outbound calls;
• Increases up-sell and cross-sell opportunities;
• Ensures rise in customer loyalty with reminders and notices; &
• Enables automated voice calls from computer to regular phones, based on VoIP technology.

Auto Dialer's greatest advantage is that it allows you to complete a marketing call campaign or survey OR a business broadcast in a efficient manner while reducing costs and time investments.

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