Contact Center Software

Today's customers demand higher levels of service than before. They demand instant service and response to their queries. This calls for not just one contact centre but multi-site contact centers which are now the norm across the world.

Deepija Telecom offers a rich variety of high quality Call Center ACD solutions that are built on the highly reliable voice capabilities of on-premise unified communications system. Connecting internal and external customers to the right agent at the right time, Deepija's

Call Center ACD solutions

helps to lower costs and vastly improve customer experience thereby helping to convert your contact center into a source of rich revenue.

The contact center software from Deepija Telecom is ideal for all kinds of companies from small ones to large organizations that require call centers with sophisticated routing and reporting options, multimedia, self-service and outbound campaign capabilities. Extremely versatile and flexible, Deepija's

Call Center ACD

software adapts itself to any environment bypassing geographical boundaries.

  • Facilitates greater interaction with customers over any channel, across the customer life-cycle, providing the exact right information at the exact right time.
  • Improves contact center representatives working style by automatically guiding them through the right process, content and presentation during each customer contact.
  • Adapts very well and quickly to changing customer needs and business strategies, facilitating configuration of processes that support business objectives.
  • Reduces wait times, increases profits and improves overall efficiency through comprehensive monitoring and reporting on all your customer interactions.
  • Helps transform the contact center and build long-lasting, profitable relationships with customers.

Let your contact center representatives deliver a consistent experience across all channels with the help of Deepija Telecom's solutions.

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