Complete Telephony Integration

From simple telephone contact, the Contact channels have evolved to include fax, web, email, social media and direct mail. The inclusion of new channels means more interaction with one another so as to improve productivity and maintaining better management of critical business data. To facilitate greater and efficient interaction between channels and other elements of ICT Infrastructure, an effective was the need of the hour.


Computer Telephony Integration

(also called CTI), an effective tool was found. CTI Integration is a set of solutions that facilitates deep integration and co-ordination between enterprise telephony systems with core business systems while ensuring at the end of it, seamless functionality and usability. As new technologies come in, CTI has also come to include newer channels like Voice, etc.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) solutions from Deepija Telecom helps to extend the capabilities of your existing phone system to integrate it with your front office applications. Using our Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) solutions, your business can ensure faster dialing and caller identification to save vital seconds off every phone call, and also capture call data. This in turn will help you get a clear picture of your customers and prospects.

  • Intelligent linking with database systems.
  • Control of calls (incoming and outgoing).
  • Identification of callers.
  • Collection and display of pending live calls or messages left by callers.
  • Display of a history of previous contacts, from phone calls to emails and click-to-chat conversations.


CTI Integration

, agents can have one integrated application and this in turn will allow them to focus on a customer rather than on many complex tools.

Apart from providing a range of CTI Integration options, Deepija Telecom also provides a Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) with a customizable look and feel, wherein you can choose different layout options that suit your specific needs.

With Deepija Telecom CTI Integration solutions, your business can automate routine processes helping to improve efficiencies and deliver a seamless customer experience while cutting down costs and minimizing agent training time and costs as well.

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