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It’s among the most critical times for healthcare providers when their call centers are flooded with inquiries of consumers asking about plan options or needing additional assistance. One way many healthcare organizations manage this greater call volume is to get healthcare call center solutions and also significantly increase their agent workforce during and instantly after open enrollment. But even as new agents are brought in, company leaders must not lose sight of patient satisfaction and experience. One option is to control experienced outsourcing partners who can assist in reducing the burden on in-house agents.

Things to ponder upon when looking for the right outsourcing partner during open enrollment 

Here are the questions healthcare plan providers and insurance companies need to ask when seeking a business process outsourcing partner:

1. Business needs and goals

The first and foremost step for healthcare call center solutions is determining the priority of business in driving the initiative. It’s only through this step you can understand the return on your investment and meet increased volume obsessed by marketing operations. 

2. Expected call volume

Once you’ve defined your business requirement, it’s time to enumerate it. Is there an expectancy for a constant increase in calls due to current marketing campaigns, or will call volume change with a scheduled event? This is a significant consideration, since adding staff, as well as the infrastructure and healthcare call center solutions, will enable them to be effective. Outsourcing the call center may also offer a safety net as marketers may not know how customers will retort to campaigns. An outsourced call center would be able to handle this unpredicted call volume while an in-house staff of fewer members may struggle

3. Functioning willingness

Bringing healthcare call centers into functions takes time, cross-departmental cooperation, and investment in technology can resolve this time latch, so consider if this timeframe aligns with attaining the goals of the business. For example, if the prime goal is to provide a consumer-centric call center experience then mounting the call center in-house may not be the best option. Some companies outsource healthcare call center solutions function as a way to improve patient experience in the short term while they work through the process of creating an in-house call center.

4. Incorporation and insights

The modern healthcare call center serves numerous purposes that go far beyond simply fetching customer enquiries. It’s a network that allows your company to directly connect with patients and forecasts. And, with the perfect technology tools, call center agents can proactively engage with customers. Determining if an outsourced call center can achieve these necessities, is an imperative consideration.

5. Proper training of representatives

Knowledge of agents also plays a significant role in the consideration for outsourcing your health care call center solutions. The question that frequently arises is that are your agents trained and experienced working in a health insurance probability and accountability act compliant environment? Do agents understand the medical vocabulary exclusive to healthcare? Have agents been specifically trained to show empathy even during high-stress service calls? A deep appointment strategy and a complete training team can resolve this kind of problem. 

To outsource call center, consideration of all above is important. By resolving all these issues and tackling them with utmost care you can have a better return on your investment

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