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Why a virtual call center

The coronavirus pandemic forced many call centers to switch to a work-from-home model.If
yours was one of them, you know that while many agents love this type of work, it also brings
plenty of challenges.
The key problems for a work from home call centers
1. Problem with IT
2. Unsuitable Equipment
3. Distraction at Home
4. Security Problem
5. Lack of Access to Information

Advantages of a virtual call center

Virtual call center comes to the rescue of Call Center business by overcoming these
challenges by offering the following operational benefits:

Easy and Faster Setup

A remote call center solution needs no specific infrastructure to set up. It is
also cost-effective and reduces operational overheads.

Geographical Mobility

Organizations are exploring workforce resources across geographies to optimize
their operations and virtual call center platform is the most suitable option to
effectively manage multiple, geographically dispersed agents in real-time.

No Additional Hardware

The majority of the remote contact center services are hosted by third-party
vendors who also provide support solutions which mean no investment is required
on a separate team.

Scalability & Flexibility

One of the biggest advantages of virtual call centers is the ease with which
companies can scale their operations as per current demand. If you are adopting
a remote technology, you will have to evaluate whether it is scalable. A traditional
contact center may have fixed costs and is not good at handling any changes in
the business. But, if you are investing in a virtual contact center solution, you
need to know how well it can handle an increase or decrease in call volumes.

Business Continuity

Business continuity is the most crucial factor that distinguishes the virtual call
center from a traditional solution.

How can a virtual call center accelerate your business operations?

1, EzeeTechnosys Pvt Ltd is located at Surat, Gujarat. It is a Software publishing, Consultancy
and were looking for a good solution which could help them both in premises and also if the
agent is working from different locations. We pitched our Cloud Telephony with inbuilt CRM to
cater to their needs.
2. Dudhsagar Dairy(Subsidiary of Amul) have their offices at multiple locations in Gujarat, they
were looking for an inbound solution that can be used across all their offices and managed

How can a ConVox enterprise solution help remote virtual call center
operations of your business

ConVox gives an enterprise solution with a lot of inbuilt features and also it can be customized as
per the requirement like integration of API, SMS, Whatsapp.

Moreover, we at Deepija Telecom give you a 24/7 support service that enables you to run the
business seamlessly.

-Ketan ,
Business Development

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