How cloud call center technology solutions improve operational efficiency

2021-10-19 00:57:01

The contact center technology solutions in Digital era

Cloud-based call centers are the trending call center technology advancements in the digital era.
Until recently, call centers used to be tentative about moving from the traditional on-premise
the solution to a cloud-based platform. But then the pandemic & extended lockdowns meant call
centers had to take a fresh look at doing business and the changes they needed to embrace.
Calling agents were not only working from home but were spread across geographies. This
situation had rendered many existing on-premise call center solutions inadequate. Companies
getting back to business began trimming costs wherever possible. They realized that operational
costs were higher for on-premise call center solutions. Also hiring IT support professionals
leased office space and purchasing expensive hardware only added to the cost burden

Cloud-based call centers and its advantages

The only beneficial way to go forward is by adopting cloud-based call center solutions and
technology. Taking the cloud route meant, the call center owners could relax as their remote
agents could now access CRM’s and call customers, and receive calls from anywhere using their
mobiles. Looking at the benefits, more and more companies started migrating towards cloud-based call center platforms for smooth operations.
H2- Benefits of cloud-based call center solutions:
❖ No upfront expenditure on hardware like Server, PRI, etc.
❖ Can connect with WFH agents from any geographical location

❖ Easy to deploy
❖ Flexible & scalable
❖ Robust and reliable
❖ Requires minimal support
❖ 99.9% uptime and SLA guaranteed

Companies leveraging cloud-based call center solutions and technology

Below are a few happy customers who tried out our cloud setup, saw the benefits, and are
adding numbers month on month:

Agate Business Services – 120 users
Offshoot BPO – 200 users
New Opportunity Consultancy (NOCPL) – 50 users
Voice Clarity – 50 users
Medspark Global Solutions– 50 users

ConVox cloud-based call center software

Convox has helped a large number of customers transition from an on-premise call center solution
to cloud-based call center platforms smoothly. Customers have the benefit of a monthly
subscription model which is based on the telecom resources they consume during the month. In
In other words, it’s a pay-as-you-go model.
Convox call center software can be deployed in no time on the cloud with the added advantage of
integrating with top CRM’s and other customizations managed by our able delivery and
development teams. Various Agent and MIS reports are available in real-time to the customer to
analyze their performance.
The biggest plus with Deepija Telecom is, apart from being one of the best and top call center
software providers; it has its own state-of-the-art, Tier 3 data center at Hyderabad. It boasts of
complete data center infra in terms of telecom lines, servers, and other hardware with round-the-clock support, ensuring our clients get the best possible uptimes with all compliances in place.
Other Data Centers in Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Ahmedabad help our customers from different
locations connect on the cloud seamlessly.
In a short span of time, Convox has established itself as a top cloud solution provider, for
companies looking for an end-to-end call center solution deployment. With the emergence of
cloud technology, call center managers are looking at tighter spending on calling projects with

best-in-class dialers. One can safely assume that cloud-based call center solutions and
platforms are the way forward.

-Alex Mathew
Business Development

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