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The facility of the call center is prepared to handle the interactions of customers for an organization. These communications are approximately termed as inbound & outbound calls. The channels which are used in these interactions are voice and other digital mediums like email, online chats and social media. These interactions are fingered using automation software which is known as the best call center software for small businesses. This is used for directing the incoming as well as inbound calls to answer the queries to the best available agent. Moreover, to conduct the outgoing calls to a targeted list of clients for the persistence of sales and marketing of the product.



The software empowers the representatives of a call center to provide the best customer experience they can while being as effective as possible. But the type of call center depends upon the nature of the business. Whether it’s an inbound process receiving the incoming calls for complaints, or it’s an outbound call center focusing on telesales. It can be a combination of both as well. Features of the best call center software for small businesses are divided into two parts, structures of the inbound and outbound call center. A few basic features are:

  • An automatic pop-up of a screen with the best call center software for small business
  • Call control, supervising as well as a complete recording
  • Dispositions of completed calls
  • Call barging and coaching
  • Comprehensive management reports and third-party incorporation

Diverse features are there for an inbound and outbound call center to handle requests. An incoming request can come through any channel of customer’s choice like voice, email, social media or from an integrated web chat. Common features of an inbound call center are:

  • Automatic distribution of call for equal call handing to all agents
  • Self-service as well as multi-level interactive voice response
  • Ticket generation and broadcasts of the call queue
  • Non Working hours IVR and knowledge-based routing
  • Account-based representatives and integration of third-party applications

If we talk about an outbound call center it is a unit that generates the business by making the outgoing call to its customers. These calls are made to sell new products to existing customers. Moreover, market surveys or research is also done before making an outgoing call. An automation tool is used in an outbound call center for dialing the numbers automatically without human intervention. Its features include:

  • Priority to customer’s data and campaign management
  • Availability of multi dialing modes like predictive, progressive, or click to call dialer
  • Presence of variable agent and their selection criteria
  • Multiple display options and advanced dialing logic for calls
  • The best call center software for small businesses provides DNC management and CIM pop up feature
  • Third-party incorporations of applications

All in all, the outcome of call center software is to smoothen the process of interaction with the customer and use the properties at an ideal level of profit. This software solution automates routine tasks of the call center. This software is not only restricted to the voice which is inbound & outbound calls. But also, the best call center software for small businesses manages the other digital channels like email, chat and social media interactions on a united platform.

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