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choosing the right ip pbx

For any business to be successful, customers are the most important asset. How to make them satisfied with your communication and relationships is the primary driver of success. Utilizing the right unified communication technology is the best way to create such an environment that enhances and produces a more productive and collaborative operation as well as customer relations.

For new businesses, it can be a challenge to decide what is your business requirement and what are the important features for your deployment. Here are the main back-end choices that can fit into your deployment scenario.

On-Premise IP-PBX Solutions:

This is the solution that involves an IT team to set up the network, handle updates and manage it on a partial basis. This is the best solution for organizations that work within one location like in an office building, hotel or warehouse etc. and requires voice-only communication solutions. This is beneficial for them in certain aspects:

  • Saving money over time with less persistent fees 
  • More adaptable features of customizations
  • Technical resources to manage the system with full integrations
  • Deployment of a laid-off or high-accessibility solution
  • On-premise IP PBX will let you manage, supervise and control the security of your system and you will get all under your network
  • Integrated UC deployments including CRM.

Cloud Based IP-PBX Solutions:

This is a platform to access via the internet from any location and is provided by a service provider. It does not require any physical equipment which means that the entire network is run and operated by service providers. Businesses just need to pay monthly or according to the plan selected for the communication service. Cloud IP-PBX solutions are popular with businesses that work in diverse locations or remotely. It is also ideal for a business who does not have an IT team to manage the phone system. The benefits of a cloud-based IP-PBX system are:

  • Businesses that favour low upfront costs for a PBX system
  • Small businesses or start-ups without IT staff for system updates and upholding
  • Companies that use out-of-the-box solutions and do not have the requirement of customized integrations with third-party
  • best for organizations who want simple maintenance and upgrade
  • Companies that are dispersed widely and prefer to communicate using smart devices like smartphones or laptops.

​​​​​​​Hybrid IP-PBX Solutions: On-Premise and Cloud-Based Solutions:

Besides the above-mentioned two IP-PBX systems for your deployment, there is a unique hybrid solution that combines the benefits of cloud and on-premises. Businesses can also benefit from this secure, on-premise-based solution with the option to access it remotely from anywhere. This hybrid system also gives flexibility to any business to customize its UC needs. It allows the business’ staff and IT team to access the IP-PBX solution from any location as they are working with a cloud system. We are today living in an era where employees prefer to work remotely or while travelling, this hybrid model allows them to create a safe, easy-to-manage and cooperative solution for workers in any location. Other benefits of this hybrid solution include:

  • Remote collaboration with 99% reliability
  • Secure connections with remote SIP endpoints 
  • Integrated management of remote devices
  • Built-in advanced system and device with monitoring & diagnosis tools
  • Reduced telecom and long-distance costs

​​​​​​​These are the three IP-PBX systems for your deployment and you can choose accordingly.

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