2022-06-20 03:25:35

Before loading information on what TTS can offer and how it helps business-customer interaction to the next level, it is very essential to know what is text to speech in simple terms.

TTS is the best software that takes the written text and turns it into speech format. Every day a new voice recognition technology assists in improving the usage of text to speech in your call centre to make it sound human and less like a machine. These updates help to understand the natural spoken language as well as increase speech output with the right pitch, intonation, and clarity such that the user on the other side can understand it conveniently.

There are various ways in which text to speech can take your contact center to the next level and assist you to enhance customer experience at the same time.

1. Helps Larger Customer Base

TTS technology does not execute restrictions that are easily found in SMS marketing campaigns such as message regulations of various countries that pose as a restriction, character limitations, and so on.

It assists to expand the customer base and assists companies to get more positive feedback.

2. Multiple Language and Accent

The best text to speech also supports every famous language, which is a fabulous feature. Visitors, as well as immigrants, will be able to convert more professionally with natives and thrive in distant nations because of this. When you combine Indian voice text to speech with an array of global vocabulary, you get words that involve mostly Hindi, English, as well as Indian accents.

3. Enhance Your Analytics

By utilizing text to speech software, you can improve your analytics and identify trends in customer inquiries. For instance, if you search for customer queries coming through the hosted phone system, you can analyze patterns in the questions that your callers ask or the problems that they face with your offerings.

4. Cost-effective

Over the last few years, the TTS market has exploded, as has the technology. When compared to prices, you must consider all factors. When you merge Indian text to speech into your business, you get way more flexible price alternatives as well as better cost management transparency. High-quality control that is exact and detailed, on the other hand, will always give you a return on investment.

5. Lower Agent’s Workloads

With the help of the software of text to speech in your call centre, customers can have more human-like conversations with the automated system. This clearly means that mostly their queries will be answered and they will receive access to essential information even before they speak to an adviser.

This frees up agents and helps them to concentrate on bigger problems that may occur and permits them to offer effective customer service. For customers who are not satisfied with your solutions, providing them extra support can only give an advantage to your business.

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