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five top challenges in today

Call centers are probably the world’s hardest work environment, and there might be a few agents and managers that work effortlessly for the enhancement of the company. Others might feel this work is a burden because they have to deal with irritated callers, strict work schedules and super-high expectations. To work in financial services, call center as a manager can be a daunting task. Undeniably, life as a call center manager is not easy as several issues outbreak challenging them to execute better. The top five and possibly the most common challenges call center managers to face today include:

1. Recruitment and Retention of Agents:

Appointing the right agents is each time a challenge for the managers of a call center. Because one wrong selection can conciliate customer relationships and experience. Call center managers are required to make a questionnaire that they should ask while taking interviews of applicants. But the job does not end by just building a team of call center agents, they need to find diverse means of retaining them. Withholding of the agents of financial services call centers has been an elongated problem in the call center industry. Call center operations suffer due to the high attrition of agents. Managers constantly train agents and they leave after a year. While there is no overnight resolution to this issue, motivation and reward have proven to be helpful.

2. Excat Reporting and Analytics:

Contact centers usually use analytic and reporting tools to head data and generate reports that benefit the performance of a company. Most of the time managers of a call center are responsible for providing reports on numerous aspects to other sections. The sales and marketing section require reports on outbound sales performance, finance news reports on the functioning cost and the IT team want reports on the operative performance of the call center. Getting accurate and consistent reporting in financial services call centers is a difficult task with so many distinct reports and systems jumbled together.

3. Enhancing the Expectations of Customers:

With digital and social channels overall expectations of clients are increasing and thus the business competition. And with evolving customer expectations shifting of customers to other services tends to increase. Customers always expect instant service through the channel of their preference.

4. Magnification of Bad Customer Experiences:

Social media poses threats to financial services call centers when it comes to bad customer involvement. Customers turn to social media to escape their hindrances. When a client is ticked-off, they respond in such a way that might end up being a social dreadful for certain organisations. Call center leaders should train their agents to have social-media knowledge to overcome the bad experience across different media.

5. Staff Optimization:

Precisely forecasting the demand of workers is critical for the success of the call center. Under as well as over-staffing are the two major glitches to tackle by call center managers. By exactly forecasting the number of agents required at a given point of time, call centers can optimize employees and the cost incurred.

On the whole, the real challenge of financial services call centers here is to recognize peaks and troughs of inbound call volume and convey agents accordingly. By completely analysing records of call patterns, managers can categorize calls and hence increase the productivity of an agent.

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