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four ways in which an e-commerce

E-commerce has taken its position in customers' hearts and is rising in the market. It has evolved in such a way that has become the top priority of consumers. With this trend now companies are looking for a faster way of communication to provide value to customers across diverse channels. In the E-commerce industry, the priority is to deliver exceptional customer support.

You as a businessman cannot miss even a single interaction and avoid one call from your consumer. Thus, to add value to the customer's journey contact centers play a vital role.


Running a business online is a technique and sometimes industries face a few problems such as:

  • A higher handling time of customer's issue
  • Lose context of interaction
  • Low productivity of agent

To overcome these problems e-commerce contact centers come into existence for better customer experience.

Here are the 4 excellent ways to enhance e-commerce business and to provide a wow experience to customers with e-commerce contact centers.

  • Quick Support to Customers

​​​​​​​When someone places an online order to gift someone then they always expect quick delivery. They check the status of their order to get the item, which seems to be exciting for a customer. At some times when delivery gets delayed which leads to customer frustration. With an e-commerce contact center software, it’s easy to notify such customers about the delivery status, thus avoiding escalation. This software helps to resolve customers' queries via sending prompt notifications through SMS and email using the in-app feature.

  • Incorporate to Maintain a Business Environment

​​​​​​​To well maintain the e-commerce business environment, call centers are important. They are the bridge between consumers and businesses selling their products online. If a customer enquiries about the order or returns because of any issue like late delivery, wrong product, expired product and many others.

When a frustrated customer calls the call center because he gets a damaged product then the agent understands his condition and will not escalate the situation by asking the same questions again and again. An integrated CRM is at the centers that allow agents to have an intelligent view of previous interactions with the same customer.

  • Deal with Customer's Quaries Easily at Single Screen

​​​​​​​E-commerce customers always want a quick resolution to their inquiries. So, agents cannot spend a lot of time toggling off the tabs when a customer is asking about the urgency of his e-ticket booking resolution. They have one screen to merge tickets with similar contexts and split tickets that need to be addressed separately. This helps in maintaining the consistency of customer support.

  • Social media Engagement

​​​​​​​The E-commerce industry cannot ignore a single interaction of any customer on any communication channel. When any customer chooses to make a Facebook post to refund his claim, then it needs to be resolved immediately by the company. Thus, call center agents must be involved in social media for the ease of customers to reach via any channel.

Moreover, social media interactions are the best way to build personal relationships with customers and to make them happy with a quick response. This will also bring loyalty to the e-commerce department of any business. With a smart contact center solution, you can notify the mass customers about your new services and can even contact them personally.​​​​​​​

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