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How to choose the best call center solution for business

Call center solutions for business, especially in today’s technology-oriented marketplace, are flooded with a variety of contact center solutions for businesses of all sizes. Choosing the best call center solution that is a perfect fit for your needs and requirements can be quite a challenge. Customers who are not tech-savvy, upon evaluating vendors, end up buying solutions solely because of its low cost. Only to realize later, the solution fails on many counts and that it’s a loss of money and customer both.

What to look for in a call center service

Firstly, we need to understand the key factors to be considered while choosing a call center solution or platform. Furthermore, when the need arises, the vendor’s solution should be flexible enough to move you from an on-premise solution to a hosted/cloud-based solution that connects to agents in the office or even agents in a Work From Home scenario using mobile phones.

The best way vendor evaluation can be done, is by taking a trial or POC, (usually for 1-2 weeks or even more, depending upon the case volume and complexity of requirements) through which a buyer can try out all features and different use cases with the solution. During this time a buyer can also get a hang of the vendor’s team, whether it’s Delivery, Development, or Tech Support, and their promptness in responding to queries. Following this process helps businesses evaluate and shortlist vendors, to get through a difficult maze of decision-making, and finally land up with a solution vendor of choice.

Finally, when it comes to the cost of setting up a call center, we know businesses that understand good technology, will not hesitate to pay a bit more for a quality product, good service, support, and the highest uptime. Companies that back out in the name of lower technology budgets or are price-sensitive could do a quick calculation on how much they stand to lose a customer due to system downtimes, due to lack of a key feature, multiple escalations, or even delayed responses by tech support. Customer service is one of the important aspects of business and call centers or contact centers are a wise investment to handle customer queries. 

How can call center solutions to scale up your business?- Practical cases

Bajaj Finance 

 Bajaj Finance is one of India’s largest Consumer Finance companies.  They were earlier using the UK's globally leading Contact Center platform. But over a period of time, they realized the maintenance & recurring costs of the MNC brand dialer were way too high. Thereafter, Bajaj Finance started scouting for comparable, cost-effective domestic call center platforms. After extensive evaluations their search zeroed down to Convox. Today we are at 100+ user licenses and growing. 

Cue Learn Pvt Ltd.

They run the largest online Maths and Coding program for school kids called CueMath, in India. The Cue Learn team was facing major call connectivity issues with their vendor, who is a top-notch Call Center Solution vendor from India. Thereafter, they evaluated Convox on all their parameters, got their CRM integrated and customizations done. And finally when we ticked all the boxes, they started with us. Cue Learn quickly moved 400+ seats to us from the earlier vendor and more seats are getting added every month. We support them on domestic as well as international calls.


This is an example of a fintech startup that we supported with our Convox  Call Center platform back in 2016. We did a host of customizations including integrating Monitor – a debt management tool, with Convox, leading to smooth operations and huge productivity. Today, EarlySalary is one of India’s leading fintech companies. As a direct result, this has helped Convox go past 100 seats with projections of more seats every quarter.

ConVox call center solutions- The best call center solution

Over the past 18 years, Convox has made a huge name for itself in the contact center solutions space with footprints across India and a growing presence in countries like Dubai, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, etc.

Convox is the best call center software for companies looking for on-premise/ hosted solutions and factors such as reliability, scalability, ease of use, cost-effectiveness, security, deployment time, tech & software support, and highest uptimes. We are one of the top market leaders in providing robust and cost-effective contact center solutions to a variety of industries like - Healthcare, BPO, Telecom, Government, BFSI, Education, Oil & Gas, E-commerce, NPO’s, Startups, etc.

Why Choose Convox Call center solutions

Omnichannel capabilities

 Convox helps you connect with clients via SMS, Chat, Email, Voice Calls, Video, Messaging Apps and Social Media platforms such as Twitter, FB, Instagram, etc. from a single interface.

CRM Integration

Apart from Convox’s own inbuilt CRM, our platform supports seamless integrations with third-party CRM and business tools viz – SalesForce, Zoho, Leadsquared, etc., optimizing your customer interactions, be it sales, customer service, collections, or tech support.


Gives the business owner a 360-degree view of the call center floor with real-time performance insights and analytics


Detailed reports to analyze & evaluate agent performance.

Intelligent Call Routing: The systems inbuilt intelligence helps in skill-based routing and Automatic Call Distribution of calls. This feature enables calls to get transferred to the agent who is most capable to handle that issue.

Smart IVR’s

 If certain client processes demand self-service on the part of its callers, our solution is capable of providing smart, dynamically configurable IVR’s.

Call Center Supervisor Tools

 Helps in effective agent management and monitoring.

and many more….

Convox is a stable and versatile platform that caters equally well to a small 5 user business or even large centralized or distributed setups of well over 5000 users.

During the current lockdown-like situation caused by the ongoing pandemic, businesses relying on call center functions suddenly find themselves operationally helpless. Implementing Convox’s Work From Home solutions has helped customers get on with their business, as agents are able to log in to the Convox platform from different geographies. 

At Deepija Telecom, today, we have top-notch happy clients from various industry verticals that have placed their trust in Convox, to meet and exceed their business goals. 


--Alex Mathew,

Business Development



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