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Call Center Solutions in India

Call center software solutions in India is one of the thriving industries as it is one of the topmost countries in the world with a strong focus on science and technology. Nowadays addressing a customer or citizen grievance while reaching out to customers is most important in all verticals of business. Instead of the traditional way, companies are looking to have a new contact center implementation to connect to customers with the following interoperable. 

1) Built-in a telephony system

2) Performance monitoring tool

3) Customer relation management software

4) Clients are developing their own CRM which will be integrated into the telephony system in the future.

5) Telephony system should work on PRI, SIP, and GSM  

6) The integration should be required with the existing PBX 

7) With agents working from home and supervisors should have access to hearing live calls.


How to Setup a Call Center

Contact center setup with the following features is the ultimate to reach.

1) Call center solutions should have the capability of integrating existing PBX via SIP/PRI trunk to the physical server where the call center software is installed.

2) Only the published contact center DID will hit server/agents and the rest will be landing in PBX 

3) The solution should have a built-in telephone system like IVR, call routing, ACD along with which works on  IP Phone and soft Ph.

4) The system should have performance monitoring like agents activity(login, break, idle, busy on work, break, etc). The total report and live activity of the agents are available to the monitoring officer including barging.

5) The solution should have a CRM to enter/capture customer information. The software is having the feasibility of integrating with any other CRM through API.

6) Should support remote login be possible through VPN or two legs calling.

ConVox Solutions- The end-to-end call center solution

Deepija Telecom Pvt Ltd is one of the leading software development and CTI companies which commenced in 2003 in the brand name as “ConVox”.The product works with all maximum features. ConVox call center software is one of the top three call center services in India. Deepija Telecom has an on-premises and cloud-based solution that caters minimum size to the maximum as per client needs. We have all business vertical customers in private, public, and Govt. We have all our India sales and support presence with 12 branches.

Godigit General Insurance 

 Located in Bangalore, Godigit General Insurance is using a call center setup with almost 600 users(agents). The setup works on SIP, PRI Gateway, and GSM gateway. This solution is integrated with customer web and CRM. They have multiple processes and due to pandemic maximum agents are working from home, for this they are using VPN. Handling three types of outbound calling (Preview, Progressive and predictive ) as well as inbound. It is a distributed architecture with AWS. The logs and reports will be moved to an external storage device automatically.


It is located in Chandigarh. The customer is using 1000 ports IP PBX with redundancy. Each server is connected with 500+500 SIP channels from different ISP(internet service providers). Agents are using a mix of IP phones as well as softphones. Delivered a customized package with features like SIP monitoring, Call monitoring tool, SIP duplicacy report and, Auto-generate email if service is down.

Canara Bank (Recovery wing) 

 It is located in Bangalore. The customer is using 30 agents' call center solutions. The process is maximum outbound calling to the customer who has taken a bank loan. In this setup, the PRI is terminated where agents are sitting but the server is at the bank data center. We used the PRI gateway and connected the gateway and server via MPLS. Normally banks will not allow exposing any of the data over the internet/public network. The customer is using an SSL certificate to secure the user's data.

Why ConVox Call Center Solutions

 To run the business better and make your customer happier,  Deepija Telecom Pvt Ltd is having various solutions. The solution works from small, medium, and enterprise categories. It is a reliable product either by support, service, and delivery. Even call center clients to demand support from the solution provider 24/7. If you are looking to set up a call center system for your business, ConVox is the best choice. 

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