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inbound vs outbound call center

When it comes to the call center types then two names come inbound and outbound. Both use advanced software to enhance operational efficiency. Thus, increasing the productivity of your call center agents. Many solutions are capable of providing for both types still it is imperative to make out the difference between the two. Then you will even come to know which solution is best suitable for your business requirements.

Inbound Call Center Services and Solutions!!

This is the kind of call center that only receives and handles phone calls from current customers and does not actively make calls. Inbound call center agents react to solve the concerns of customers and find effective ways to resolve them accordingly. Callers of inbound call centers seek technical support and product or service assistance.

The idea behind designing inbound centers is to keep agents busy and reduce the number of call drops, and call waiting and cut down times. They have certain metrics to measure:

  • Resolution of the first call 
  • Average answering speed, handling time and call transfer rate
  • Discarded call rate
  • A score of a satisfied customer

Diverse types of Services of an Inbound Call Center!!

Providing Sevices to Customers:

It is the primary objective of inbound calling to provide customer service. Agents are equipped to handle all customer inquiries including service issues, questions related to prices, any updates in accounts and complaints, etc.

Technical Support:

Representatives of inbound call centers also provide technical support to customers. For example, troubleshooting and resolving tech-related issues or configuring any equipment or software, etc.

Receiving Orders From Customers: 

It is another duty of inbound call centers. It also involves assisting customers in placing orders and receiving them timely. This service helps in enhancing overall business sales.

Solutions of an Outbound Call Center!!

Their main concern is to make calls to existing customers for cross-selling, up-selling, updating or reaching out to potential clients with cold calls. They most probably focus on sales. Agents of outbound call centers also make calls to offer hands-on customer service, conduct satisfaction surveys and market research as well as collect debts or book appointments. Calls are usually made either manually or automatically via different types of dialers to increase their productivity. Outbound call measure metrics are:

  • Conversion rate and calls per agent 
  • Hit rate and first call close with average call length 
  • Average hold time and tenancy rate
  • Abandoned call ratio and call quality

​​​​​​​Diverse types of Services of an Outbound Call Cneter!!

Lead Generation:

Outbound call centers use software solutions to collect information to increase customer interest in a company’s products or services. Most of the calls made are predominantly focused on telemarketing.

Customer Surveys and Arrangement of Appoinments: 

Agents of outbound call centers also conduct market research and customer surveys. These surveys are used by companies and organizations to discover customers' reactions. Moreover, both B2B and B2C businesses use outbound calls to schedule appointments with prospective clients.

Collection of Debt:

For debt collection agents have to call individuals that owe money to a business. There are specialized call centers for debt collection with trained staff. As a result, the agents will have adequate knowledge about the type of debt and the debtor’s profile as well.​​​​​​​

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