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Are you planning to boost the productivity of your agents? Having an auto-dialer for your call center can be a direct method to get instantaneous results.

An auto dialer is a unique type of outbound dialer software that assists in dialing out a set of contacts automatically. According to your call flow, you can play a greeting, ask for an IVR input, and much more. Every call can be assigned to multiple agents as per the conditions.

Tips To Choose The Best Auto Dialer Software

Every type of auto dialer serves a certain purpose. Hence, one is not necessarily better than the other. The effective auto-dialer for you relies on your company, goals as well as needs. Listed below are some tips to consider while selecting the best auto dialer for your business in India.

1. Dynamic Queue

The most important feature of IVR is dynamic queue management. A user can save a lot of time through this feature as this functionality assists them to map various queues in every campaign. There would be no need to update queues in the IVR repetitively.

2. Type Of the Audience

When you have a good ongoing relationship with a customer, it is important that you gather all your data before making a call. In such scenarios, a preview dialer is a correct choice. However, predictive dialers might be very productive for homogenous customer groups where the providers repeat the same message.

3. Progressive Dialer with Agent-Specific Calling Feature

The majority of smart auto dialer software solutions have this essential feature installed. With this, incoming leads are mapped with a particular agent, and this mapping algorithm is according to the customer-agent expertise, interaction history, and so on.

4. Size Of Your Organisation

If you are running a large business and have to make a large number of calls, it would be better if you get an autodialer as it will improve agent productivity. If you are a small business making only some calls, a preview dialer would be sufficient.

5. Call Disposition Feature

It is a very beneficial feature for supervisors when they have to analyze improvement areas. In this feature, a call gets tapped with a suitable code, which assists to achieve better visibility and an overview of the call’s outcome.

6. Nature Of Your Calls

If you are handling a hyper-personalized conversation with an already existing customer, like guiding them to resolve an issue or encouraging them to utilize the product, preview dialers are perfect. However, if you are making any announcement or showcasing a new offering, power dialers might be more suitable.

7. Lead Dialling Ratio Integrated Into Predictive Dialer

This feature assists massively in improving your overall calling operations by auto-setting a proportion for lead dialing per agent. These assists balance out the calling load for every agent and increase their efficiency.

Whatever your goals, type of audience, organizational size, or nature of calls, auto-dialers will also be important to increase your outcomes.

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