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Today, the banking business landscape has changed owing to fierce competition from existing banks and entrance of non-traditional financial firms. Merging of private sector banks has caused the Banking sector to toil hard to revamp its ongoing processes  and  meet the rising expectations of the customers. As customers demand more control and convenience over banking services, satisfying their needs has become much more challenging and complex for banks and other financial firms here where banking cloud contact centers come into the light.

In today’s trend, Banking Cloud Contact Center helps the banking sector focus on innovating existing processes and launching new processes/products to amp up the level of customer experience through digitisation of all the banking activities.

Investing in Banking cloud Contact Center not just helps in upgrading customer service but it also enhances customer satisfaction. Banking Cloud Contact Center focuses on simplifying the traditional banking processes by integrating the latest technological advancements in everyday banking.

As banking commodities offered by all firms are more or less the same, the level of customer experience delivered is the only differentiating factor for customers to choose or stick to a particular bank. So, Banking Cloud Contact Center helps delivering superior customer service has become utmost important for banks to survive in this highly competitive market. Also, Banking Cloud Contact Center helps in retaining customers and we all know that keeping customers happy is less expensive than adding new ones.


ConVox Banking Clients:

  • Alphentrix Pvt Ltd
  • Hallmark Financial Services
  • ICICI Bank
  • SBI HRMS Sanjeevani
  • L&T Financial Services

ConVox Cloud Contact Center for Banking:


1. Hosted Call Connect offers an integrated solution which allows efficient lead management:

Built-in CRM integrations for a seamless experience. Inbound and outbound, progressive and preview dialing.

2.Telephone Banking with Interactive Voice Response (IVR):

IVR provides a wide range of menu options such as:

  •  Account balance
  •  Transaction details
  •  Request checkbooks
  •  Loan status
  •  Credit card payment
  •  Fraud transaction report
  •  Feedbacks and much more.(with aid of webhooks and API Integration)

3. Missed Call Solution:

Customer Authentication through Missed Call Service.For instance, upon receiving a new ATM card, cardholders are asked to give a missed call from their registered number to verify their authenticity. Also, at the time of ATM PIN change, customers are asked to verify themselves by giving a missed call.

4. Automated Call Backs and scheduled SMS/Email:

Due dates  or auto-reminder for renewals and premium dues can be made through ConVox Bulk Communication Tool like Voice Blasting or Bulk SMS/Email Schedulers.

5. API and webhooks integration with number masking for secure interactions:

Customer privacy is ensured by number masking

  • Sticky agent coupled with barging/whispering/transfer.
  • Customized campaign flow which can be fed back into IVR
  • Outbound Calls for Fraud Alerts and Notifications:

Banking sector is at constant risk of fraudulent activities.  A rising number of hackers are now snooping into the bank accounts to carry out online frauds. Thus, Banking cloud contact center minimise these online frauds, banks can rescue automated call service.

6. Performing Surveys with IVR Broadcasting:

process a lot quicker and easier. Customers can easily provide their responses in the form of numeric inputs and Feedback Report can be availed for evaluation purpose.

 For instance, a general format followed in the IVR surveys is, rate our services from 1 to 5 (1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest).

7. Hosted ConVox CCS is Flexible with a huge scope of customization:

with ease to enhance scalability and customize application with excellent Support team.

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