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ten ways to engage customers with whatsApp chatbot

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app that has become the must-have application on everyone's smartphones. WhatsApp chatbot is an AI-powered conversational assistant that is created to engage customers with automatic messages. The WhatsApp business chatbot understands human behavior and connects naturally, just like speaking with a person.

Using chatbots brands can engage more customers by sending automatic messages, files and images, voice and videos. Here are 10 winning tips to create a great business:

1. Define Company Objectives and Create a Strategy:

Before creating a WhatsApp business chatbot, define the needs of a business needs and make a strategy to solve issues at WhatsApp chatbot that includes:

  • Part of the chatbot in your company includes customer service, lead generation and more.
  • Ways with WhatsApp solve the communication gaps.
  • Measure the company's performance with a chatbot.

2. Choose an API Provider for the Whatsapp Chatbot:

Select an official WhatsApp partner with whom you can start building your chatbots. The easiest way to build a fully functional chatbot is to use a platform for a specific purpose. You can choose a platform such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Twitter, e-mail and more.

3. Write a Flow Pattern for your Conservation:

Once you have a platform to build a chatbot with guidelines then you can write possible chat flows. Think about the frequently asked questions by customers and provide probable answers for them

4. Utilize the Capabilities of AI and give Power to your Chatbot:

Equip your chatbots with artificial intelligence and implement an AI-powered platform such as Commbox to develop your chatbot:

  • Automate persistent tasks and sign customers remotely.
  • Answer FAQs and receive feedback through surveys.

5. Give a Unique Name to your Whatsapp Chatbot:

Give a specific name to your chatbot to make it act like a human. Your name must meet your brand’s values and reflect your brand's identity.

  • Decide your bot’s personality as well like a serious or funny bot, professional or super-friendly bot.
  • Verify your bot’s tone like voice or wording.
  • Identify your target audience to connect.

6. Focus on Specfic Proficiency:

Focus your chatbot on particular expertise to solve complex problems like finance or eCommerce.

  • Focus on a few goals to ensure accurate conversation.
  • Stay up-to-date and include an option for live human assistance.

7. Make your Chatbot User-Friendly:

Chatbots need to be clear and easy to understand. Make it as simple as possible for users.

  • Allow users to interact with questions and offer buttons for answers.
  • Keep a clean tone and avoid slang to keep a clean tone.

​​​​​​​8. Notice Frustrated Customers and Divert the Communication to the Live Agent:

Some older users might feel annoyed while handling your bot. Detect them and offer assistance.

9. Get feedback through Whatsapp for better Customer Service:

Feedback is an imperative part of a business’s success. Use WhatsApp chatbots to get fast customer feedback at no extra cost.

  • Encourage customers to provide feedback.
  • Analyze their reviews and optimize accordingly.

​​​​​​​10. Test your Success and Enhance it Regulary:

Chatbots are great at engaging customers and solving problems. Sometimes small details can make a huge difference, thus, measuring the working style is the best way to check your success.

Overall, to make your chat always work better identify the tones and style of messaging your customers like and track your competitors’ latest updates.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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