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If you work for a bank or a cedi union then you know that many challenges come with effectively and efficiently answering every customer call. You must need technical assistance with products and services offered at your financial institution to make your job a little easier. Here are the top three best practices for banking call centers.

1. Ensure easy access to the information through 

This is one of the most persistent and crippling problems faced by banks that customer service staff don’t have immediate access to the information. As the customer service staff is responsible for answering questions related to different offers given by a bank.  Thus, the customer service staff members must have a reliable resource to answer the question quickly and easily. According to the research, it is found that most banking customer service staff is not able to do this because they are forced to rely on obsolete or poor execution intranets. All of this cuts down productivity and hurts customer service. For the best practice for banking, agents must have quick and easy access to the required information. Fortunately, there are solutions available that can turn customer service agents into the best friend of the client. Therefore, empowering the service agent and increasing both productivity and customer satisfaction. These call center solutions also assist in reducing the call hold and handle time. They also put quality on training and retention of top agents. 

2. Offer consistent and efficient customer self-service

Today, when a regular or potential customer has a question or they need to research a new product or service, the first place they go is online.  For the banking sector to customers find the new service through the bank’s website. Therefore, banks must invest in online tools to serve customers. This facility allows customers to easily navigate the information they are looking for and get the answers they need instantly. When an effective knowledge base application is employed on a bank’s website especially those that are technology-related, frees up customer service agents to react to more profitable account and product inquiries. The best practice for banking is to deploy a knowledge base questionnaire related to technology, freeing up precious resources in their call center.

3. Empower bank employees

In an American Express survey, it was found that bank clients believe that it is important that customer service professionals feel empowered to handle requests without escalations. This is made possible by providing proper tools as well as training to use them for agents. They require these tools to do their jobs effectively and autonomously. When banking employees feel certain in their ability to answer customer questions on their own, without the aid of internal support then it becomes the best practice for banking. This not only enhances their morals but their overall effectiveness and disposition with customers as well.

In the same way, empowerment is created by building a culture of independence where the workforce is expectant to take possession, begin product conversations and proffer recommendations based on a customer’s profile. The key to success here is to make sure that your intranet or knowledge can instantaneously answer at least 9 out of 10 questions. Anything less than 9 out of 10 will disrupt the chances of falling employee-to-employee questions and wear away the morale of an employee.

Overall, to get the maximum answer of the calls in the banking sector the best practice for banking is to ensure the easy access of information to agents and also to authorize them.

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