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top cloud communication trends

Cloud computing for communication has become one of the promising call center technologies. Though this trend has been around for over a decade, its usage in contact centers got an exceptional increase in recent years. Taking into account this cloud computing trend is supposed to be the most talked about tech part in 2023. Let us have a look at such trends in the coming year.

  • Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning Integration:

These two technologies will rise in 2023 with a cloud communication trend. According to a recent survey, there will be a huge jump in AI market value from 2020 from $5.2 billion to $13.1 billion by 2026. Almost all companies will use AI and ML with cloud computing for several operations like digital asset management, virtual assistants and many more.

  • Kubernetes and Docker to Handle Cloud Operation:

Using Docker and Kubernetes in managing cloud computing deployment will help in large-scale for high scalability and efficiency, flexible sharing of resources, and cloud and low-cost deployment. Later versions of such technology will provide the automated ability to manage all the apps that developers will use to build up using Docker.

  • Data Safety on Cloud Computing:

The protection of data is a major concern when any company adopts cloud computing on a large scale. Numerous reasons make this happen and software bugs and human errors are the main ones. These two can lead to a data security breach. Companies using cloud computing have to face a few data security challenges are:

  • Exposed APIs can result in non-authorized access and use of cloud data.
  • Insecure cloud infrastructure can also lead to data breaches. 
  • Another threat to data security related to cloud computing is the loss of data. This loss can happen for many reasons like an inadequate backup of data, any natural disaster, software corruption and accidental deletion of data etc.

Developers can use data encryption tools, data access control, and data monitoring activity on the cloud to prevent such data violations in 2023.

  • Hybrid Cloud Computing Solutions:

​​​​​​​A private cloud computing solution ensures high processing power and thus, it becomes popular among users. There is an expectation that business processes will make use of a hybrid cloud in 2023 for certain reasons:

  • So, they get the best of both worlds with more flexibility
  • A highly cost-effective way to communicate
  • With a hybrid cloud, businesses can perform critical data processing
  • Such computing is highly scalable

    The hybrid cloud is proposed to reach a market value of over $260 billion by 2027. Most organizations globally have specific strategies or a set infrastructure to adopt hybrid cloud technology fruitfully.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  • Enhancement in Cloud Cost:​​​​​​​

It is a try for several companies to optimize their expenditure on IT services in the coming year 2023. For this reason, cloud service providers will build up cost-effective cloud solutions to ensure high performance and availability levels. Moreover, they will also have to use the effective resources at their disposal to offer optimization of cloud workloads.

So, these are the top cloud communication trends to follow in 2023. Additionally, there are other trends like cloud monitoring, serverless computing and disaster recovery in cloud computing

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