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visual ivr solutions for banking industry

Interactive voice response is one of the most effective technologies that can help a banking sector to power its interactions with its customers. The IVR solutions for banking can aid banks to faultlessly interconnect and accomplish the high volume of calls every day that are for common sales enquiries, collections and many more daily questions. IVR can smartly and easily program the process. This saves time, reduces cost and saves the customer agents from high volumes of calls of common queries.

According to the research, the banking sector achieves more than 70% of customer calls received during the whole month with an interactive voice mode. Numerous private and public sector banks, and overseas banks have implemented IVR solutions for banking as it diminishes the cost incurred. For telebanking facilities, customers need to register through the IVR system using a personal identification number.

With the fast development of technology and solutions especially within the banking sector, it is significant to have the right safety solutions. Banking has been the most crucial industry that relies heavily on encryption and preserving information, thus with the excellent advent of technology it has become imperative for businesses to incorporate the best practices to make the business efficacious. IVR banking solution use cases of:

  • Information of Lost, Stolen or Damage Card:

If a card is lost, damaged or stolen then customers need not call customer care numbers and wait to be connected to a representative. They can account for their problem via IVR solution for banking dialling the helpline number, selecting the favoured language and following simple procedures to block their card. After the successful proposal of the request, they can accept a confirmation on SMS as well as on mail as well. They can also leave directions for a new card.

  • Send Immidate Notification in case of any Fraud:

If there is any fraudulent transaction in the account of the customer then that can be quickly notified through an IVR immediately.

  • Information of the Product:

​​​​​​​Banks are required to be constantly involved with their customers and educate them about their products and services. IVR solution for banking is a simple yet powerful solution to provide the desired information to the caller.

  • Loan Application and Status:

​​​​​​​Customers who are interested in bank loans can call IVR to apply and seek the status of their approval. IVR works on logic, it can simply forward the calls to the concerned agents to deliberate and understand the details of the loan process.

  • Easy Login for Service Request:

​​​​​​​Using IVR solutions for banking is an easy task for customers. They can now easily log in to know about any service requests such as address change, name, mobile number, email id, registration of mobile alert. IVR aims to address the inquiry instantly and on time thus helping in enhancing the overall efficiency of the banks.

  • Any Update and Account Related Information:

​​​​​​​The IVR system can help customers promptly in a safe way regarding their account balance summary or history of recent transactions. Additionally, they can check reward points balance, their card usage limit, set payment notices, dates and even check for the status of cheque book requests.

In addition to this, IVR solutions for banking offer a choice to its customers to activate or deactivate cards, surveys for feedback to make the service better.​​​​​​​

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