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Voice logger is a program used to record audio calls from phones, radios and other suitable media. This solution records and stores the information on a computer’s hard drive or removable media. Several business sectors including the finance field and customer service often make use of voice logger backup service for business enhancement. The data is generated from vendors, customers and is based on the expansion of the business. The huge data volume requirement of the business makes it mandatory to retain it for a longer duration. With the modern VoIP system, the devices of voice logger now store calls on a hard drive into a file. In times when the hard drive becomes overloaded with data the user has to delete some older files or has to shift some of the voice recordings to another location. In this case, the business needs a voice logger backup solution. The complete procedure includes:

  • Requirement of Acquiescence:

The need for compliance for voice logger data depends upon the straight-up of a business.  Financial ventures have more rigorous clauses of voice logger backup as compared to non-financial verticals. When an organisation has devoted human resources ensuring their company adheres to the compliance requirements. The team of the call center needs to go through the recording of voice data on a daily basis. This recording is to ensure the follow up of the guidelines set by a regulatory body.

  • Voice Logger Backup as a Solution:

The backing up of data plays a vital role in the enhancement of business processes. Many cloud-based telecom solutions are wide-acceptable in the financial sector that helps in voice logger backup. This service provides the organisation to be divided in a tree structure ensuring diverse access level control on every other level of the node.


There are multifarious features provided by this cloud-based architecture.

  • It comes with no dependency on hardware or other appliances. This feature makes it acceptable to the consumers as there is no extra cost apart from the cost of the license.
  • The system has two components including a management console and an agent. The virtual agent is installed on the workstation for voice logger backup to store data. After installing an agent administrator can configure the various parameters of the policy for backup such as type and frequency of files.
  • After defining the configuration, the agent starts backing up the defined frequency. The complete data is directly backed up on the cloud without the intervention of the customer environment.
  • An important feature of the solution is to check the bandwidth to configure the data. This is to ensure that the process of backup does not choke up the bandwidth.
  • Last but not least is the configuration of security policies to define the access of users on the voice logger backup. This permits the users and the managers of an organisation to access the stored voice data in a secured and limited manner.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​To conclude, for providing storage to its customers the backup platform is used. This divides the recorded file into multiple chunks and then encryption is done with customer-specific keys at a secure level.​​​​​​​

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