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what are inbound and outbound

A call center is a place where customers interact to get information or to get a solution to their queries. This is the era of chat and email, so today’s customers hardly make phone calls to call centers for their concerns. Here comes the existence of call center software. Both inbound and outbound call centers need software to handle their operations and to tackle customers enquiries.

Inbound is the call centre where customer's calls are received and are frequently supervised by support personnel to respond accurately to customers. The inbound call center is concerned with existing customers. On the flip side, an outbound call center makes outgoing calls to customers to promote a service or to ask for debts. Outbound call centers are often used for potential clients. Each type needs software to function.

What is Software for a Call Center?

As we got to know the use of inbound and outbound call centers, the question is who is going to manage both kinds of call centers? An immediate answer to this is the call center software which is a tool that assists to manage all the day-to-day operations in the call center. It can help the agents to manage customer communication over the phone, live chat, email, instant messaging as well as social media.

There is a single software that is used for both inbound and outbound call centers and there is no such difference in the function of both types. However, clients might find some differences because of the software interface. This is because the client customizes the software according to the requirement of the call center.

What's the Use of Software in an Inbound Call Center?

The basic feature of inbound call center software is to customize it so that agents wait for calls to come to resolve the issues. They do not need software assistance to make calls. Inbound callers call to get services such as tech support, order placing or product assistance. Because of this, inbound call center agents need software to quickly and capably suggest solutions to customer problems and enquiries. For instance, inbound call centers modify the software:

  • For resolving the enquiries of customers
  • Upgrade or renewal of any plan expansions
  • To provide any technical assistance with password changing or any related information.
  • To get the orders over the phone and to reply the related questions

What's the Use of Software in an Outbound Call Center?

In this case, agents of the call center have a list of contacts to get in touch with by making active calls. For this, they need customer relationship management (CRM) software to track and administer their interactions with new customers. Outbound call center requires the software for:

  • To reach the potential customer or to make market research
  • Advertise new brand or service to new customers or potential buyers
  • Setting appointments with prospective customers to have a meeting with an agent.
  • Lead generation and get more opportunities

​​​​​​​An effective call center system must support both kinds of inbound as well as an outbound call center. It helps the customers to get in touch with the exact agent for their concern and also gives access to call center agents to know the right information about a customer's history and lastly making calls to improve the overall customer experience.

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