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what is visual ivr in banking

In a bank, you receive a vast amount of calls every day that are a mixture of simple and complex questions. IVRs are extremely beneficial when it comes to the banking sector to handle a high volume of calls. Most of the questions asked by customers are standard and regularly asked by customers like the amount in the account, payment request and many more. The aid of visual IVR in banking solutions with pre designed answers will free up the time for your customer support team to handle complex queries. It can benefit you with:

  • Sharing information of customer’s account like account balance, transaction history
  • Providing updates and status of an investment portfolio
  • Loan application, status and payments
  • Emergency and complaints of customers
  • The request of clients and proper support with customer care
  • Information of new products or services

Visual IVR for banks system gives numerous services to the agents to give support to the valuable customers.

​​​​​​​1. Hundreds of Stylish Templates-

You are assisted with many pre programmed templates with this service. You need to pick a fit for your business process to save time on development based on your requirement.

2. Appropriate Editor without Programming-

You can modify one of the phone Visual IVR templates. Drag and drop blocks to add menu levels and change colours according to the brand of your service.

3. IVR for Smartphones-

Create a Visual IVR in banking solution that will be available for your customer wherever they are using your application on their smartphone device.

4. Professional Support-

The solution of visual IVR allows you to get access to high eminence support all-time available from our dedicated professionals.

Certain Benefits to Customers of IVR

  • The Higher Response Rate for Customers with Smartphone-

​​​​​​​While using their smartphone your account holders will get answers to their enquiries quicker, without spending any time in the queue. It is done with simple interactions with your visual IVR in a banking application. They can traverse through the menu items defined by you in advance and get the information they were searching round the clock for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If at any point where the automated visual IVR cannot help them then their call will be routed to the most experienced support team relevant to the topic your customer was researching.

  • Lessen the Cost of Common Sales, Facility, Collections, Inquiry and SupportCall-​​​​​​​

In addition to the benefits that customers enjoy, visual IVR in banking solutions will allow your bank to save expressively as technology mitigates the use of affluent hardware. Thus, lowering the network infrastructure and hardware costs up to 70%. Because the majority of the support issues are handled inevitably with the visual IVR. As a result, you will no longer need to uphold an exclusive contact center focused to answer the simple queries of the customer. Instead, you can keep several experienced customer support agents in your call center and build your team. These support members will intermittently get on the phone with the customers to discuss more complex sales questions, details of the newly launched product or any other support issues.

Overall, visual IVR in banking is to support the customers of the bank with immediate answers to their daily questions. Moreover, they need not visit the bank and can make use of their smartphones.

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