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The Call centers of the past could be defined as ‘tactical’ or ‘reactive’ solutions. Their function was to allow customers to communicate with a company if an issue arose, but they weren’t built to draw a customer in and leave them feeling satisfied with their overall experience.

Time is a valuable commodity in the digital age and nowhere is that truer than interacting with customer service platforms.Customers want service on their terms, with minimal wait time. It’s not that companies didn’t understand that happier customers lead to more conversions, but that the technology wasn’t there to allow for a seamless experience where a customer’s needs can be easily met.

How can Convox Omnichannel transform your call center?

Two decades ago, the most progressive contact centers were effectively blending a couple of channels – typically voice and email. Today, it’s commonplace for companies to queue and route inquiries by phone, email, social media, and chat.

With an Omnichannel contact center, the customer has ease of communication and can decide the time and chances of a customer coming back to you but also diminishes churn rate.

the code of communication as per their personal privileges. Your customer can now have just one complaint, mutual timings and easily find able solutions.Omnichannel syncs up all your data, so customer service agents know if it’s your customer’s first time reaching out or their ‘n’th.

Agents have to handle different support interactions in a day and  lack of an integrated agent desktop is a leading productivity challenge. Omnichannel contact center software helps to Lower agent effort, brings higher agent productivity, higher customer satisfaction and less customer effort and in turn lowering the operational costs.

Omnichannel Solution bundles up knowledge management, data analytics, provides a 360° approach and enables call center metrics like SL,AHT,and C-SAT are met with, it not only increases

How ConVox Solution can be helpful to solve the problem:

We believe that every business irrespective of its size should be able to utilize all call center features. We are a premier provider of call center solutions, and come with a versatile range of customization as per business needs. Our innovative technologies enable our customers to utilize intelligence for a more accurate and complete understanding of their call center challenges and opportunities, and “ConVox” provides expert guidance and robust implementations to your business.

 To meet the challenges of digital customer journeys and offer a  streamlined customer experience, “ConVox Omnichannel” has been created and made through such several experiences with different customers over a decade.OurOmnichannel contact center solution lets you manage all of your customer interactions like a single conversation thread, no matter what channel they’re on: phone, text messaging, email, web forms, chat, or social media.

We have placed ourselves at the epicenter of this emerging industry trend away from  traditional contact centers, towards an Omnichannel approach that will soon come to dominate the digital age. Join us and take your business to the next level.


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