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At Deepija, you work with the most creative minds, the most talented IT professionals, and thought leaders to transform how businesses operate. We pride ourselves on the quality of our employees and make sure that they are provided with an exciting, challenging, rewarding, and enriching work environment to grow professionally.

What’s it like to work in here

Deepija is driven by a team of highly motivated, disciplined, and talented engineers, technicians, and managers who are committed to fueling our clients’ growth with cutting-edge technologies.


Work hard, party hard

We at Deepija strive to achieve a healthy work-life balance by embracing this lifestyle: “Work hard, party hard.” This approach helps us decrease work stress, increase productivity, and improve employees’ self-esteem.

Following this approach can help individuals increase their focus, improve the quality of their work, improve their social lives, improve their mental health, and re-energise employees throughout the week.

Level up with professional training and courses

At Deepija, we encourage the employees to increase their proficiency levels by motivating them to participate in various seminars and conferences.

Generous parental and family leave

We at Deepija follow the approach that the more generous the policy, the greater and more lasting the benefits. Generous parental leave and family leave policies at work can do wonders for a new parent’s mental health. With generous parental leave policies, we experienced fewer symptoms of depression, poor mental health, and psychological distress.

Rational rewards, bonuses & salary hikes

This is our belief that salary increases have the potential to help you improve employee satisfaction and increase productivity within your team. Rewarding exceptional performance strengthens your relationship with your best employees and also encourages average employees to improve.

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