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What’s it like to work in here

Deepija provides effective and efficient high-end telecom applications to several industries. We strongly believe in empowering businesses across various industries with our customised solutions.

We have built a team that is dedicated to the mission and as diverse as the clients they serve, with a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. We strongly focus on employee growth and learning, encourage people to take on new challenges, and support employees passion and holistic health.

We would like to build a community of like-minded people. Hence, we encourage our employees to take part in the various activities conducted by our company:

DPL Cricket Tournament

The DPL (Deepija Premier League) Tournament will be conducted every year to foster team building, communication between different teams, collaboration, equal opportunity, risk-taking, good relationships, and decision-making skills. Moreover, it motivates us to collaborate and overcome obstacles as a team.

Team Outings

It’s a good idea to conduct team outings every now and then. It helps serve as an icebreaker between the new and old employees, helps employees relax, rejuvenate, and recharge, and improves communication and coordination among the team. In Deepija, we conduct quarterly team outings for the betterment of the employees.

Fun activities & Social parties

For team-building purposes and to foster new social relationships among employees, we at Deepija conduct fun activity sessions and social parties almost every month. But having a fun workplace can have a positive impact on employee engagement, and productivity, and strengthens relationships.

Festival Celebrations

Celebrating festivals provides a unique opportunity for Deepija to provide motivation among its employees and bolster their spirits. It also offers a great transformation from the monotony of daily work activities. We at Deepija celebrate festivals and do fun sessions during the festival celebrations.

Perks and benefits

Friendly Work Environment

A positive and friendly work environment is key to a company's success. A friendly work environment can positively impact the employee's mood and drive mental health and performance.

No Work Pressure

We strongly believe that work should be fun and enjoyable; only then will we get great results. Work pressure hinders our productivity and efficiency. At Deepija, we will never set any deadlines or targets; we strongly believe all employees should work under no pressure.

Work-from-home option

At Deepija, we allow our employees to take the work-from-home option during emergency times and during the periods of maternity leave (3 or 5 months of paid maternity leave depends on the seniority or experience). We always put the welfare and holistic health of the employees at the forefront.

Employee Highlights

Deepijatel-Employee Highlights
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Employee Highlights Deepijatel
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