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Healthcare Call Center Software

Unveil the power of streamlined patient communication with our through Healthcare Call Center Software. This feature-rich solution empowers you to effortlessly enhance efficiency and propel patient satisfaction to new heights.

Online Healthcare Consultant

A Robust and Reliable solution

Discover how ConVox’s healthcare call centers empower you to deliver robust and dependable patient support. Our solutions ensure unwavering performance, seamlessly supporting individuals throughout their healthcare journey.

From diligently monitoring treatment progress to facilitating appointments, healthcare organizations leverage ConVox’s reliable call center software. A recent study found that hospitals using IVR systems experienced a 20% reduction in appointment scheduling time. This translates to significant cost savings and improved patient satisfaction.


About our Customer

Nestled in Hyderabad, the L.V. Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI) stands tall as a nationally renowned beacon of hope for countless individuals seeking eye care. Recognized by the World Health Organization as a Collaborating Centre for Prevention of Blindness, LVPEI goes beyond providing complete patient care, sight enhancement, and rehabilitation services. Their leadership in impactful rural eye health programs expands access to vital care for underserved communities.

We are proud to partner with LVPEI in their ongoing mission to expand their virtual presence.

Challenge: Streamlining Appointment Scheduling

Managing a high volume of appointment calls was a significant hurdle, leading to inefficiencies and longer call durations.

Solution: Centralized Scheduling with ConVox

Fortunately, through the implementation of our IVR application integrated with the ConVox Call Center Solution, LVPEI has achieved centralized management of medical appointment scheduling across all their branches. This has resulted in increased efficiency and improved patient experience.



Seamlessly integrating IVRS into their call center system has yielded several positive outcomes for the L.V. Prasad Eye Institute.

No longer simply answering phones, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems have revolutionized the patient experience. Patients are now empowered to schedule appointments efficiently and seamlessly through IVR technology. Convenient phone reminders and clear instructions contribute directly to increased patient satisfaction.

Beyond patient satisfaction, IVR’s impact extends to call centers. By automating routine tasks like appointment scheduling and inquiries, IVR has demonstrably halved staffing needs. This tangible efficiency boost underscores the benefits of well-designed IVR systems.

Product Features

Experience streamlined appointments with our IVRS and call center integration.


Patient Appointment Handling

The IVR system further streamlines the patient phone call experience by seamlessly handling appointments for all specialists, including doctors and pathologists. This ensures patients can easily schedule appointments with the appropriate healthcare professional, regardless of their specific needs.


Code Blue Solution

The Code Blue Solution caters to a wide range of connectivity requirements, moving beyond traditional dedicated Primary Rate Interface (PRI) lines offered by service providers. It provides additional access routes, granting users the flexibility to connect through their existing PBX systems or GSM gateways, broadening their options and enhancing convenience.


Intelligent Call Routing

Designed for ultimate simplicity, this streamlined feature activates with just a single click.</p> <p>For effortless call forwarding, agents can access an on-screen address book directly when a pop-up notification arrives. They can then seamlessly forward calls using the provided drop-down menu, minimizing effort and maximizing efficiency.


Prioritizing Emergency Calls

ConVox understands the critical nature of timely responses in emergency situations. Therefore, emergency calls always receive priority handling, bypassing any queue at the reception desk. This ensures a swift response, minimizing potential delays and prioritizing the well-being of individuals facing critical situations.



ConVox's advanced unified IP-PBX system revolutionizes communication and empowers businesses to reduce costs. This all-in-one solution eliminates the need for multiple expensive PBX systems, granting you access to a broad suite of features at a fraction of the traditional cost.


Personal Video Consultation

Beyond cost savings, ConVox empowers healthcare providers to enhance patient communication and collaboration through innovative features. Live video interaction and convenient chat sessions foster a more connected and engaged healthcare experience


Agent Performance Reports

ConVox equips supervisors with the tools they need to effectively manage their teams and optimize performance. Through detailed reports, supervisors gain real-time insights into various aspects of their call center operations, including: Operator Hourly Reports, Daily Agent Performance Summaries, Monthly Activity Overviews, Call Disposition Analytics and Live Screen Monitoring.


Feedback System

ConVox prioritizes patient experience by putting real-time feedback at the forefront. We empower patients to seamlessly share their thoughts and experiences throughout their on-call interactions. This continuous feedback loop allows you to constantly improve service delivery, care to individual needs

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