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Partner With ConVox

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Types of Bulk Communication Process

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ConVox Video Addressing System

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Virtual Receptionist

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ConVox Work from Home Solutions for Call Centers


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Hosted CC- Centralized calling solution

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ConVox Products

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ConVox Contact Center Solution with Work From Home Agent

Work from Home easier with ConVox

Work from Home easier with ConVox


ConVox Newsletter June 2024

ConVox News LetterCustomer Success Story- TrueCredit" TrueCredit Success Story: TrueCredit Thrives with ConVox Hosted Solutions " TrueCredit, a leading credit services provider, improved their collection operations using ConVox hosted solutions.   As the call volume was constantly increasing, TrueCredit required a scalable communication system, with higher efficiency and prompt services. It was required for TrueCredit [...]

ConVox Newsletter May 2024

ConVox News LetterCustomer Success Stories - Lodha Group:"Scaling New Heights with ConVox: The House of Abhinandan Lodha's Success Story" With massive growth in mind, The House of Abhinandan Lodha (HoABL) required a contact center solution that would keep pace with changing requirements. And the answer was ConVox CCS, the feature-packed cloud contact center solution hosted [...]

ConVox Newsletter April 2024

ConVox News LetterCustomer Success Stories - Aster Hospital"Faster Appointments, Happier Patients: Aster Al Raffah Sets New Standard in Customer Care with ConVox" Aster Al Raffah Hospital has our ConVox Contact Center Solution synchronized with their in-house Hospital Information System (HIS) to bring about a new order of his revolution in sales, appointments, and patient experience. [...]

ConVox Newsletter March 2024

ConVox NewsletterCustomer Success Stories:Millions Touched: Reliance Foundation's Success Story Reliance Foundation has been a powerful force for good since 2010. Their dedication to philanthropy extends the reach of Reliance Industries Limited, impacting the lives of over 72 million people in India. In 2016, they are using our Bulk Broadcasting Tool for sending a weather broadcast [...]

ConVox Newsletter February 2024

ConVox News LetterCustomer Success Stories - MD INDIA HEALTH INC :"MDIndia's Success Story: Revolutionizing Customer Interactions with ConVox and Bulk Communication Tools" MDIndia, a prominent Third-Party Administrator (TPA) in India, is recognized for its customer-centric approach, innovative services, and expertise in technology, operations, and medical practices. In 2012, MDIndia partnered with Deepija Telecom to enhance its [...]

ConVox Newsletter January 2024

ConVox News LetterCustomer Success Stories:Haqdarshak’s Success Story with Deepija Telecom to Empower Citizens & MSMEs In 2022, Haqdarshak Organization, based in Pune, partnered with Deepija Telecom to facilitate seamless communication for dispensing information on government welfare and financial services to citizens & MSMEs. Deepija Telecom provided Hosted Contact Center Solution as SaaS within a short [...]

ConVox Newsletter December 2023

CUSTOMER SUCCESS STORIES - LENDINGKART Lendingkart, a prominent fintech firm in India, has been a key facilitator of accessible credit for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) since its inception in 2014. Very soon Lendinkart realized that they need a professional way of interacting with their customers. There existing system was not good enough to support it. [...]

ConVox Newsletter November 2023

Customer Success Stories:Working with Praan Foundation to save lives Praan Wellness, a non-profit organization in Hyderabad, offers vital counseling and psychotherapy services for individuals dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts. Dedicated to fostering positive transformations, Praan provides a safe platform for those seeking mental health support. The cloud based ConVox Contact Center Solution is integral [...]

ConVox Newsletter October 2023

Customer Success Stories:Transforming Customer Engagement: How ConVox Benefits Offshoot Agencies Offshoot agencies is Noida based, one of the leading BPOs is in India. They have seen enormous growth since their inception. Their passion for excellence has brought in leading banks and telcos of India as their customers. Their quest matches with our cutting edge BPO [...]

ConVox Newsletter September 2023

Customer Success Stories:E-Bike Revolution of Africa gets a support leg of ConVox Spiro is Africa's foremost electric vehicle manufacturer. Of late they are getting a great media attention for their innovative way of replacing traditional bikes with e-bikes. Inbound and Outbound Customer interaction is a vital part of their business. Deepija Telecom’s ConVox Omni channel [...]

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