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Bulk Communication Tool

"Bridging Your Customer Solutions"

Product Overview

The Broadcasting Tool is an automated system designed to notify calls and send SMS and IVRS messages to a list of recipients. Convox bulk communication tools help you connect with a large audience simultaneously with common or personalised messages.

Product Features



As per your business process requirement.


PBX Integration

Can be integrated to any external PBX on standard interfaces like PRI/SIP.

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SMS Integration

SMS can be integrated within ConVox BCT.


WhatsApp integration

You can send bulk messages through WhatsApp.


"To ensure security and integrity of your call center"

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Highly Secure Access

User Rights are Restricted and Password typing is masked.


Voice Encryption

Voice can be encrypted between server & agent to avoid snooping.


Session Handling

No user can view the reports without the login of admin.


Cross Site Attack

Application is guarded against cross site attack.

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No Data Injection

Data Injection is prevented in MYSQL Server.

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What are Bulk communication tools?

Bulk communication tools are automated systems that are designed to notify the same information for a large set of customers at a time using IVRS, SMS, WhatsApp.

What is the benefit of bulk communication tools in call centers?

Bulk communication tools serve as a backbone for promotional activities for any organization . It helps to reach a large set of customers and increase overall productivity in an efficient manner. It also enables easy tracking of customer response with quality of service.

What is the purpose of BCT tools in call center solutions?

BCT tools are used for improving customer experience and also increase the productivity of a call center by enabling them with the proper information.

Can we create the required IVRS flow at the admin end?

Yes we have an option of creating your flow as per organization requirements.

Can we schedule the IVRS blast timings?

Yes, we can pre schedule the blast timings ,the designed template will blast as per the desired timings to the target customers.

Is there any limit to sending messages per day through SMS, WhatsApp?

There is no limit for sending messages per day

Can we capture the response of customers in IVRS?

Yes, a detailed DTMF report is provided for the analysis of customer response.

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