Telecom Contact Center Suite.

Telecom has a vast range of industrial needs and Deepija Telecom has built a comprehensive Customer Interaction Management Solution especially tailored for Telecom Industry and eased the address these requirements effectively & efficiently.

Premise Based Solution

Dialing is done through server at DSA premise.

Solution is available with/without PC at the agent desk .

Centralized Dialing Solution

Dialing happens through centralized servers ,Subscribed by small (less than 25seats ) DSAs .

Agents get connected calls on their mobile phones .

Centralized Monitoring And Reporting

Dashboards and controls are given to "Country (India) Level","Telecom Circle Level" & "DSA Level".

Real - time Reports of call s , agent login & sales are given at all the three levels .


To provide self service for caller and take input for call routing.
All Call Center Resources like Agents, Servers, Calls, Campaign Can be Monitored live.
Records all the Calls (100% Recording) for Training and Monitoring Purpose.
Provides web-login for Scheduling,Monitoring Conferences and Managing accounts.
Single Number
User can specify a single number for all type of caller.
Missed Call Handling
Captures data of caller incase all users are busy.