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Ticketing/ Grievance Management

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Product Overview

A ticketing system is a management tool that processes customer service requests as tickets, which are also known as cases or issues, depending on the type of request.

Product Features


Increased customers loyalty

Interact, prioritize, and call to know customer issues in less time to build brand loyalty.


Performance monitoring and tracking

Monitor your team's performance to analyse and invest in getting the needed resources.


Automated system

Automated operations to make agents more engaged and productive.


Integration capabilities

Unite CRM with the ConVox ticketing system for better conversation.


Omni channel Ticketing

Our ticketing system collects and manages all customer support interactions from different platforms, including phone, email, WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media channels.

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SLA matrix as per organization Hierarchy

This management system allows IT support agents to route various types of tickets to the correct department to obtain the fastest resolution.


Customer intimation at every level of escalation

The customer is notified at each status level of his ticket through his desired channel of contact, like email, WhatsApp, or SMS.

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What is a ticketing solution in Call Center software?

Call center software ticketing solution is a solution that helps a call center to manage its grievances /operations therefore increase the efficiency, effectiveness and get the best productivity from call center agents. Call center agents can access the right information and knowledge about a customer’s history to improve the overall customer experience.

Do we have an option of creating a ticket on call?

Yes, a ticket can be generated on call by the agent in the CRM. Ticket details will be notified to the customer automatically by the solution.

What is the importance of ticketing?

Ticketing solutions can track analytics of titles of tickets ,ticket volume, resolution time, customer satisfaction and agent performance on handling tickets.

Will this software be accessible on the cloud?

Yes, These solutions can be provided on cloud /on premises/hybrid as per customer requirement.

Will the ticket /status of the ticket be notified to the customer automatically?

Yes, every stage of the ticket will be notified to the customer through SMS, email, WhatsApp as per customer preferred channel.

How does a ticket workflow function?

Ticketing tools can help you to rationalize your workflow by helping your organization ,create, update, resolve tickets for customer issues/requests.

Do you offer escalation and prioritization?

By default we have three levels of escalations and can be extended as per organizational hierarchy.

Do you provide remote access if possible for agents?

Yes, Agents can login from anywhere to the solution using a VPN.

Will the data be accessible for future references?

Yes, All the data is stored in the server for future references.

Will this solution be capable of integrating with other third party solutions?

We do have our set of API’s for integrating any third party CRM.

What are the available channels for ticketing in ConVox?

We have multiple channels for customer interaction. WhatsApp, Email, SMS, chatbot and Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter ,etc.

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