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ConVox Virtual PBX

With Convox Virtual PBX, we offer a robust and versatile solution designed to meet the evolving needs of modern call centers.


Service Overview

Incoming calls often ring with the promise of business. ConVox Virtual PBX handles your inbound calls the same way an in-house receptionist would by greeting the callers, directing the calls and taking messages.

You can choose your virtual number, where customers can call, define mobile extensions to which calls get transferred and remain connected with your customers anytime, anywhere. You don’t have to worry about investment in telephony and server infrastructure.

Benefits of ConVox Hosted Platform

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  • Operated from Multiple Interconnected data center locations
  • Multiple Telecom operators and Multiple data bandwidth providers
  • 24X7 Support through multiple channels
  • High security setup with regular VAPT
  • Site – to – Site VPN


Robust infrastructure for high uptime

  • Ability to route calls from one location to another gives a huge channel pool.
  • Database storage at multiple locations for redundancy of backup.

Quick, Easy and No Capex Hosted solution

  • Ensures no down time due to Telecom operator or ISP breakdowns.
  • Scale up or scale down quickly as per business needs.

Specific advantage for Indian clients

  • Availability of different series and mobile numbers (80 Bangalore, 867 Vijayawada, 771 Raipur) for your outbound dialing campaigns.
  • NDNC Scrubbing
  • Maintenance free
  • Anywhere access

Service Features


Single Virtual Number

A phone number given to your business with Virtual PBX services. Your customers can call this number to call your business. Users can specify a single number for all types of caller.


Call Scheduler:

Schedule call forwarding to mobile extensions based on day or week.

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Call Forwarding / Routing

Use our sequential, round robin and parallel routing features to ensure that you never miss a call.


Missed Call Handling:

Captures data of the caller in case all users are busy.



Set up SMS / email alerts for extensions.


Disposition Management

Completed Calls can be marked with Disposition, Sub-Disposition & Sub-Sub Disposition Codes.

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Dedicated machines

Clients are provided solutions through dedicated VMs rather than a shared database.


External CRM Integration

Cloud based CRMs such as Salesforce, LeadSquared, Zoho, MS Dynamics, Freshdesk etc can be integrated with the dialer.

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24/7 Live Answering:

Full-time, part-time, or after-hours—ConVox Virtual PBX is there for your callers whenever they need you.

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Multi-Level IVR:

Sub IVR are created under main IVR to intake more user input.


Call Recording:

Records all the Calls (100% Recording).

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Voice Mail:

Caller can leave a voice message when nobody is available to take calls.


Mobile App

APP for login to extension users to make outbound calls.


Monitoring Tools

All Call Center Resources like Agents, Servers, Calls, Campaign Can be Monitored live.


MIS Reports (Integrated with MS Power BI)

Complete and comprehensive reporting of your Agents, Calls, DID & Campaigns



Quick & Affordable Setup

Fully Hosted Solution hence significant cost reduction. With ConVox V-PBX ,you do not need any Call Center Infrastructure, Hardware, Manpower and other resources.You don’t require expensive data-storage hardware that is costly to maintain too.


High availability solution

ConVox V-PBX helps businesses to become equipped to handle calls at any time of the day at fraction of a cost. Our Virtual Receptionist will make no mistake in handling the customer calls and also guarantees you highest uptime.

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Easy to use

Easy to use web application, can be set up, configured and updated in just minutes on our easy to use, DIY web panel.


Easy to start and Scale

As your call volume expands, so will our resources. Scale up or Scale down on short notice and Pay per month as per use.

Why Choose Deepija for this service?

Deepija’s Convox Virtual PBX solution is well tested and trusted by many of our customers for more than 2 years. The best part is that it can be upgraded or integrated with hosted call center solution. Android and IOs application make it very handy and easy to implement.


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What is a Virtual Number?

A virtual phone number is a telephone number that isn’t bound to a physical location. Virtual numbers can be used to make or receive calls on any phones/landlines. It’s perfect for employees in the office, or those who work at home.

What is the time required for Setup?

What makes working with a virtual receptionist so great is that you can begin immediately! Get in touch with us today and hire a trained virtual assistant to support your business.

How many numbers can be set for call forwarding?

You have the flexibility to chose the number of channels while subscribing and those many simultaneous calls will be set to forward. What’s best is you can choose sequential, ACD or Parallel ring modes.

Can we restrict calls after office hours?

The DIY interface allows admin to define office hours to restrict call flow , set different group of users for different time slots to answer the calls.

Can The Agents see missed call details?

Yes. Agents can see the missed calls and call details by logging in through the App.

Can we make outbound calls through the Virtual Numbers?

Yes. Agents can dial outbound calls through APP and customers will see virtual number on their caller ID.

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