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WhatsApp Solution

It's the era of WhatsApp communication. Boost your customer engagement with our powerful & advance WhatsApp Solution Services. Let us help you get into the game.

Product Overview

The WhatsApp solution is a dynamic platform seamlessly integrated with call center capabilities. This versatile system empowers customers to engage in chat, share information, execute campaigns, leverage chatbots, and incorporate third-party APIs. With this solution, users can benefit from a secure, comprehensive end-to-end management platform dedicated to WhatsApp interactions. Broadcasting of merchandised WhatsApp messages to the list of contacts and the ability to connect to the live agents for interaction.

Product Features


Bulk Broadcast

This feature enables businesses to save valuable resources and streamline their communication efforts. By utilizing bulk broadcast capabilities, businesses can avoid the need for manual, individualized communication with each customer, thus saving both time and effort.



With this solution, businesses can leverage the power of WhatsApp as a marketing and customer engagement platform while maintaining control over the timing and frequency of their messaging activities. Solution provide scheduler for blasting WhatsApp.


Parallel Chat Handling

Parallel chat handling is a highly effective and efficient approach in customer service, where one agent is able to handle multiple chat conversations simultaneously. This method allows for improved productivity and quicker response times, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction.

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User-configurable bot flows allow organizations to tailor the conversation paths according to their specific needs. By defining a series of questions, prompts, and actions within the bot's flow, companies can ensure that customers receive personalized and relevant responses.


Chat Distribution

WhatsApp messages or chats are automatically distributed to available agents. Additionally, agents can efficiently transfer chats among themselves or to different teams when necessary, ensuring a smooth and collaborative customer support experience.


Customer History

By offering a comprehensive Customer History feature, WhatsApp Solution empowers businesses to deliver a more personalized and efficient customer experience. Agents can access relevant information, queries more effectively, and build stronger relationships with customers over time.



The feature refers to a real-time interface that provides an overview and insights into the ongoing activities and performance of customer support agents using WhatsApp for communication. The real-time agent chat dashboard is a valuable tool for customer support operations on WhatsApp.



This feature is crucial for providing a personalized and efficient customer experience. Report in a WhatsApp Solution is integral for businesses to assess the effectiveness of their communication strategies, improve customer service, and make informed decisions based on real-time and historical data.


Creating superior brand connections
Engaging globally
Reach a large audience
Championing two-sided conversations
Messaging privately and securely
Offer better customer support

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CUSTOMER STORIES of WhatsApp Solution

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How many messages can be broadcast at once?

Initially one thousand to ten thousand can be blasted. Later upon usage increases to 25k,50k,..etc can be blasted.

What all languages are supported for blasting the message?

The message can be blasted in any language.

How many buttons can be added?

Depends upon the disposition n number of buttons can be added.

Do we have a scheduler for broadcasting the message?

Yes, we do have the scheduler for broadcasting

What is the maximum limit for sharing the documents?

Maximum up to 10MB can be shared at once.

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