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Voice BOT

The ConVox Voice Bot allows a caller to navigate an interactive voice response (IVR) system with their voice. It is powered by artificial intelligence and Natural Language Processing.


Service Overview

The ConVox Voice Bot is an AI based Voice broadcasting solution that dials customer and engages with them proactively by using Natural Language Processing. Powered by leading AI tools from AWS, Azure & GCP, Customers get the feel of communicating with a live agent. Admin can use the advance web-based monitoring and reporting tools to access the live responses and call recording.

Benefits of ConVox Hosted Platform

Omni Channel Contact Center Solution features


  • Operated from Multiple Interconnected data center locations
  • Multiple Telecom operators and Multiple data bandwidth providers
  • 24X7 Support through multiple channels
  • High security setup with regular VAPT
  • Site – to – Site VPN


Robust infrastructure for high uptime

  • Ability to route calls from one location to another gives a huge channel pool.
  • Database storage at multiple locations for redundancy of backup.

Quick, Easy and No Capex Hosted solution

  • Ensures no down time due to Telecom operator or ISP breakdowns.
  • Scale up or scale down quickly as per business needs.

Specific advantage for Indian clients

  • Availability of different series and mobile numbers (80 Bangalore, 867 Vijayawada, 771 Raipur) for your outbound dialing campaigns.
  • NDNC Scrubbing
  • Maintenance free
  • Anywhere access

Service Features


Lead Check Feature

Voice Bot Inbuilt Lead Check feature bifurcates valid or non-­‐valid numbers from a database.


List Management

Voice Bot Operates multiple calling lists at a time.

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List Scheduler

ConVox voice Bot Scheduler provides a schedule for broadcast.


Call Recording

100% recording available on the server.


Campaign Management

Manages multiple campaigns at a time.



Downloadable instantaneous and dynamic delivery reports.


DNC Panel

Voice bot DNC feature is also available.

Dashboard icon

Real Time dashboard

Monitor live ongoing calls and data information.

Service Features


Automated Solution

A Voice Bot can automate important and time-consuming tasks. Whether it is a holiday or employee shortage, the operations of the business will never stop.


Improved customer experience

Voice Bots are powered by Cloud Engines and can be created in regional languages for specific region customers.

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Decreased operational costs

By computerizing simple client interactions that do not require live human intervention, they lower resources used and increase contact rates.


Personalized Messages

Multiple Voice Bots can be created for different business cases and run simultaneously.

Why Choose Deepija for this service?

Artificial Intelligence and Natural language processing is driving the latest trends in contact centers. Implementing Voice Bot needs an expertise and experience in contact center domain. Deepija Telecom’s 20 years of experience in development and deployment of the contact center and related solution ensures efficient implementation and best output.


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Can we make a flow in regional languages?

Yes. We use cloud engines such as AWS/AZURE/GCP for regional languages bot.

How many questionnaires can be added?

There’s no such limit on the interactive messages.

What is the limit of the data uploaded in the process?

You can upload any amount of data but the concurrent dialing will depend on the number of channels subscribed.

What tool is used to convert TTS and STT?

We use cloud engines such as AWS/AZURE/GCP and our own AI engine too based on the bot flow.

Are there any recurring charges?

There will be recurring charges for the API usage for STT and TTS.

What are the per call charges?

Per call charges will depend on the amount of time spoken as it is linked to the API consumption.

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