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Information Security Policy:

At Deepija Telecom, we take information security very seriously. We have implemented a comprehensive Information Security Policy to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data belonging to the company and our customers.

Some key highlights of our policy include:

– Classifying and labeling information assets according to the level of security protection needed

– Controlling access to systems, facilities and information through registration, authorization and regular review of user access rights

– Using cryptography and other controls to protect confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information

– Securing equipment, networks, facilities and information from unauthorized physical access and environmental threats

– Detecting, responding to and learning from information security events and incidents

– Ensuring compliance with legal, regulatory and contractual requirements related to information security

We continually review and update our Information Security Policy and procedures to account for changes to the threat landscape and business needs. We are committed to protecting data and maintaining the trust of our employees, partners and customers.

The full policy document contains sensitive information and is for internal use only. However, we welcome any questions regarding our approach to information security. Please contact [email] for more information.

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