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Email Ticketing Solution

The ConVox Email Ticketing Solution provides Personalized & Automated email solution helps you in accelerating your services.

Service Overview

The ConVox Email Ticketing Solution serves as a centralized hub for seamless email management, connecting various domains and private servers. It automates ticket generation, assigns unique identifiers to emails, and streamlines communication by providing an auto-responder for new threads.

This solution optimizes data handling through automated distribution, ticket assignment, and integration with other channels, fostering a more organized and efficient email workflow. Additionally, it enhances overall business operations by improving efficiency, ensuring adherence to SLAs, and offering insightful reports for continual process optimization.

Product Features

Email Configuration Management icon

Email Configuration Management:

Admin oversees email settings, including user credentials, for efficient connectivity.

Dynamic Email Creation and Assignment Icon

Dynamic Email Creation and Assignment:

Admin has the power to create and assign emails, enabling or disabling them as needed.

Email Enablement Control Icon

Email Enablement Control:

The admin maintains control over the activation and deactivation of email functionalities.

Queue Creation and Process Management Icon

Queue Creation and Process Management:

Admin creates and manages queues, assigning processes, updating statuses, and configuring escalation options.

SLA Configuration and Management Icon

SLA Configuration and Management:

Admin establishes SLA parameters, assigning them to processes and enabling specific options.

Escalation Level Assignment Icon

Escalation Level Assignment:

Admin assigns escalation levels to processes, ensuring timely and effective issue resolution.

Real-time Notifications Icon

Real-time Notifications:

Automated notifications alert users when tickets transition between SLAs and are assigned to agents.

Holiday and Business Hour Scheduling Icon

Holiday and Business Hour Scheduling

Admin configures holiday and business hour schedules, optimizing service availability.

Auto Response Template Customization Icon

Auto Response Template Customization:

Admin creates and assigns auto-response templates to processes and specific emails.

Ticket Closure Management Icon

Ticket Closure Management:

Admin defines close reasons, empowering agents to efficiently close tickets within a process.

User Advantages

database icon

Available round the clock

Whether you are in the office or out to have lunch, you can receive and send emails anytime and anywhere. Your customers can reach out to you whenever it is convenient for them, and you can quickly come up with an action plan.


Detailed Description

Customers can present more detailed information on their queries, and you can provide more detailed solutions. This way, customers can feel that you take their concerns seriously. It is also possible to attach files, such as bills, screenshots, and other relevant documents!



Emails with ticket numbers or IDs are easy to trace and track. You and your customers can always go back to what you have previously discussed.

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Email support systems can be integrated into other channels. Moreover, sending an email costs the same regardless of distance and the number of recipients.



Email discussions are not available to the public, so customers can rest assured that their information is safe and secure.

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Does agent need any specific application to access ConVox AED?

No. This is a browser-based tool So, agents can comfortably log in through any browser.

Can multiple email exchange servers be integrated?

Yes. Multiple email exchange servers such as yahoo, Gmail, outlook can be simultaneously integrated and individually routed to assigned department or specific agents.

Are the Email ticket numbers same for repeated mail in a thread?

Yes. There will be a unique ticket number for each incoming mail throughout the trail.

How is the SLA duration defined?

SLA duration can be set in minutes. Once an email doesn’t get closed in the stipulated time it will automatically go to the next level of agents’ inbox.

Can an agent have multiple other channels such as call, chat or social media parallelly with email channel?

Yes. The same email managing agent can be enable to handle requests from call, chat , what’s app or social media using single login.

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