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Omnichannel Call Center Software

ConVox's omnichannel call center software solution unifies voice, chat, social media, and email communication through a single interface, presenting an integrated view for effortless channel management and optimal resource utilization.

Omni Channel Call Center Software Product Overview

ConVox’s omnichannel call center software solution enables the customers to communicate with ease using voice, chat, email, WhatsApp, and all social media platforms, therefore, offering the client an all-options communication to enhance the experience. In addition to this, agents profit from one record of the customer service experience and tickets irrespective of the communication channel which helps to simplify management and solves issues faster.

This also is an important factor, because by bringing all the customer information together Agents can help the customers to get better service. This solution also eliminates the redundancies and operational inefficiencies, therefore facilitating proper working with inquiries from varying sources. Furthermore, agents can effortlessly change any channel while preserving the information context of the conversation, which means they will provide a uniform experience.

In addition to individualized employee connections, ConVox’s contact center platform increases operational effectiveness with customized routing mechanisms and workforce management. In the long run it presents a situation that is profitable for both business entities and for consumers. It is in fact an integrated system that serves as the secret weapon that makes the organization win customers and improve its operational efficiency all at once.

Product Features


Automatic Call Distribution

ACD efficiently direct calls to customers as per prior customer history and workload, in such a way that customers will get connected with qualified people to solve their problems and to improve the work efficiency.



IVR routes deals with higher call volumes satisfactorily by providing greetings in different languages, and data collecting which ultimately boost the communication between the customer and the company, achieving customer satisfaction.


Call barge in

Supervisors can keep an eye on new employees during live calls, offering them help in situations. The barge in feature permits the supervisor to be part of the existing calls thus empowering real time feedback for new agents.


Feedback IVRS

IVRS is a customer service system which collects customer feedback and as a result, businesses can improve their services and increase customer loyalty through qualified surveys and detailed reports.


Call Recording

The system makes this task easier by automatically recording all the calls with agents of high quality to make sure that the screens are displayed right next to each other. Such recordings are the backbone of the entire evaluation procedure and the training sessions.


Disposition Management

Companies utilize international codes and modifier codes to make incident searches and call categorization accurate. These mechanisms enhance accurate decision making, lower costs, make the process of management better, and advance the quality of services.

Inbound Channels


Web Chat

Web chat gives businesses the opportunity to offer a smooth support process with a personalized approach to all channels. Companies can help customers in real time, thus making them engaged, more satisfied and the businesses get the desired result in the end.



WhatsApp helps businesses in their work with easy to use platforms which enable them to interact with their customers, increasing their operation and efficiency. It helps in direct communication between the buyers and sellers, help in sharing information and promoting long term relationships.



The system automatically converting customer emails into tickets, sending them to the right agents, using templates and automated responses, categorizing them based on the issue or department, and escalating complex problems to higher-level support.


Social Media

In an omni channel contact center, agents can see social media messages on the integrated interface and use a unified interface for all media. They can watch brand mentions and messages to proactively answer customers as well as create and access customer profiles from social media engagement.

Outbound Types


Progressive Dialing

Progressive dialing automates the dialing process, dialing one number at a time. This ensures that each agent is connected to a live contact.


Manual Dialing

Manual dialing is a method where agents dial phone numbers manually to initiate outbound calls.


Preview Dialing

A method where agents can preview customer information before the call is placed. This allows agents to prepare for call & personalize their approach.



Blended is a contact center feature that allows agents to handle both inbound and outbound interactions from the same interface.

WhatsApp features


Parallel Chat Handling

Parallel chat handling allows agents to manage multiple chat conversations simultaneously. This capability increases efficiency by decreasing wait times for customers and enabling agents to handle more inquiries at once.

bot icon


Bots are frequently employed to engage with customers, address common questions, and complete simple tasks, ultimately enhancing efficiency by managing routine inquiries and allowing human agents to concentrate on more complex issues.

multilevel icon

Chat Distribution

Chat distribution is a feature that automatically assigns incoming chat requests to available agents.


Sticky Agent Feature

The sticky agent feature allows a customer to be connected to the same agent across multiple interactions. This ensures continuity and personalized service, as the agent is familiar with the customer's history and needs.


Chat Transfer

Chat transfer is a feature that allows an agent to transfer a chat session to another agent or department. This is useful when a customer's inquiry requires expertise beyond the current agent's scope.



Auto response email

Auto-response emails can be used to create personalized first impressions, providing relevant information and setting expectations for positive customer experience.


Email ticketing

Our secure email system ensures customer complaints are handled with confidence, maintaining data privacy and providing a safe communication environment.


SLA settings

This feature enables department heads to establish customized Service Level Agreements (SLAs), thereby enhancing service delivery and organizational accountability.


Social Media

Customers can interact with agents using social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.


MIS Reports

Gain valuable insights into your team's success by analyzing reports on handled calls and campaign performance.


Monitoring Tools

Enhance call center visibility with observation tools, monitor agent activity, track call metrics, analyze campaign performance, and ensure server uptime for a seamless customer experience.


Grievance management

The system integrates all channels, including email, phone, chat, and social media, ensuring prompt and qualified expert assistance, saving time and resources.

Connect With Existing Infra



Additionally, the platform can be tailored to meet your unique requirements. Consequently, you can ensure that it effectively supports your business operations and addresses your specific needs.


Email Integration

Additionally, by incorporating email functionality, users can seamlessly send and receive emails directly within the ConvoxCCS platform. This effectively streamlines communication processes and enhances productivity.

sms integration icon

SMS Integration

Additionally, this functionality allows businesses and organizations to send timely and relevant notifications to users, keeping them informed and engaged.

social media integration icon

Social Media integration

By incorporating these platforms into their communication strategies, companies can reach a wider audience. Additionally, they can engage with customers in real-time and enhance their online presence.

Security Aspects of Omni Channel Contact Center

password icon

Highly Secure Access

Implementing strict user rights reduces unauthorized access, protects sensitive information, enhances security measures, and adapts to changing needs by regularly reviewing and updating user rights.


Voice Encryption

Encrypting voice communication enhances system security by adding an extra layer of protection for sensitive information.

view icon

Session Handling

Organizations can enhance security by implementing multi-factor authentication and regularly reviewing and updating access control policies to stay abreast of the latest security standards.


Cross Site Attack

Implementing security tools, coding practices, and regular software updates will enhance application security, prevent cross-site attacks, and mitigate the risk of malware.


No Data Injection

Organizations can maintain data integrity and confidentiality in MySQL Server by prioritizing data security and taking proactive measures to prevent data injection.

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CUSTOMER STORIES in Omni Channel Call Center Software

client case studies in omni channel call center software

Omni Channel Call Center

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What is an Omni channel call centre?

ConVox omni channel contact center solution enables communication across all popular channels like Voice, Chat, social media & Email from a single user interface. It presents an Unified view of all channels for ease of management and maximum usage of resources.

What are the Elements of Omnichannel?

Omni Channel Contact Center Integrates multi channels like call, email, social media ,web chat in an unified platform for agents to connect with the customers approaching the organisation through multiple channels.

What are the benefits of an omni channel call centre?

Omni Channel Contact Center helps the Enterprise to reach the customers Adequately and increase Performance.

What platforms are supported?

Email, webchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter, Instagram are available. Other channels can be Arranged as per customer request.

Can an agent who receives a chat also begin a chat transfer?

Yes! the primary agent who receives a chat can begin a chat transfer. However, once the chat transferred to another agent, the Acquiring agent becomes the primary agent and can begin further transfers.

Can we monitor the calls and other channels?

We do have the live monitoring feature to track the live calls and monitor the agent activity of all channels.

Do we have the reports for the connected calls and agent chat history of all channels?

Yes, we do have all possible reports.

Can I modify reports?

Yes, you can modify the Visual aids by editing the report in Power BI.

How often does the data refresh?

The dataset for the Live Monitoring report is real time; if a report is Restored or filters are changed, the data will be updated as per the current state of the system.

Can the chatbot be Modified as per customer flow?

Yes, the chat bot can be designed as per customer organization flow.

Can customers reached through webchat bot have agent Integration?

Yes, customers reached through webchat can be connected to the agent and chat with them.

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