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NGO Software Solutions

NGO Software Solutions from Convox acts as communication hub NGO’s. Needy people can reach out for support, information, or assistance through multiple means. At the same time, it provides a channel for the NGOs to connect to Donors in multiple ways and receive their donations.


Benefits of NGO Software Solutions

Efficient communication

A NGO Software Solutions contact center can provide a centralized platform for efficient communication between NGOs and its stakeholders. This includes donors, volunteers, beneficiaries, and partners. This can help the organization to respond quickly to inquiries, address concerns, and provide timely updates.


Improved donor retention

A NGO Software Solutions contact center can be used to solicit donations from potential donors by providing them with information about the organization’s mission, programs, and impact. Contact centers can also be used to follow up with donors to thank them for their support and encourage further donations.

Increased fundraising

Convox can play a key role in improving donor retention by providing personalized and timely communication with donors. This can help to build stronger relationships with donors and increase their loyalty to the NGOs.


Enhanced data collection and analysis

Convox can collect valuable data on the needs and preferences of an NGO’s stakeholders. This data can be used to inform the organization’s decision-making, improve its programs, and measure its impact.

Overall, a ConVox can help an NGO to be more responsive, efficient, and effective in achieving its mission.



Inbound Contact Center

Volunteer, program managers, donors and needy people can reach to NGO’s helpline through multiple channels. These channels include phone, email, chat, and social media. All of these channels work in a cohesive and integrated manner to give seamless experience to all users.


Donation Collection Campaigns

One of the most crucial aspects is the collection of donations. ConVox tools include voice predictive dialing, voice bot and campaign manager, which give the best results in the collection campaigns.

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Volunteer’s Broadcasting Portal

Voice Message, SMS and WhatsApp broadcasting are powerful tools that Convox provides to deliver vital information messages to a large number of recipients at once. Volunteer can login in portal, upload their own messages and recipient lists and run the broadcasting.


Data management

The contact center should have a system to manage data such as donor information, volunteer data, and program data. This helps the NGO to maintain a record of their interactions with stakeholders.


Analytics and reporting

The contact center should be able to generate reports on various metrics such as call volumes, response times, and customer satisfaction scores. This data can help the NGO to measure the effectiveness of their outreach efforts and make data-driven decisions.

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