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ConVox Integrated with Zoho CRM

Now you can manage all your customer interactions, sales, leads, and deals within a single, unified platform. Look no further! Our Zoho CRM integration is here to revolutionize the way you do business.
In this digital age, it’s very important to build and nurture customer relationships in a healthy way. Our ConVox dialer can seamlessly integrate with Zoho CRM pages on a single interface for Zoho CTI operations.

Zoho CRM Integration


1 - ConVox Widget in Zoho CRM Page

2 - Phone Bridge Integration

This integration requirements would be:
  • Public IP
  • SSL certificate
  • ConVox Widget files as an external folder in the server

The widget firstly would be installed in the convox server. Post to that, our developer would take the credentials of Zoho CRM account from the customer and open developer in the Zoho CRM. Over there developer is going to configure the Zoho Widget with the help of URL’s.

The ConVox Widget in Zoho CRM Page enables incoming and outgoing calls on the widget from the Zoho CRM page. The ConVox Widget also enables the click to call functionality on the leads available on the Zoho CRM. It also enables inbound pop-up of the leads in the Zoho CRM page.

Phone Bridge Integration is generally a bridge of communication between two software’s.

The dialer of ConVox would be communication with the controller/centralized server to communicate with Zoho phone bridge to make request and receives responses from the Zoho and Zoho to ConVox.

The Zoho Phone Bridge comes with the default design and UI of a dialer on the Zoho CRM page. The whole phone bridge UI functions with the help of a ConVox dialer and a centralized server.


ConVox Widget Files

At first, the widget is installed on the ConVox server. Later, our developer will take the credentials of our Zoho CRM account, open the developer option in Zoho CRM, and configure Zoho Widget with the help of URLs.

ACD and Lead Pop up

ConVox auto call distribution makes sure that the calls are assigned to the best suitable agent. The lead API is immediately triggered and exact customer details are shown to the agent.

Click to Call

A click to call empowers an agent to dial any number within Zoho services and speak to the customers instantly.

Auto-Dialing modes

Auto-dialer software eliminates the need to spend pointless time dialing each and every telephone number you need to call manually. ConVox provides predictive and progressive dialing to improve productivity.

Call History and Recording

Call metrics are passed from ConVox to other Zoho services’ interface immediately after each call. All calls are recorded and the recording links are accessible within the Zoho platform page

Missed Call Handling

Admin can set provisions for abandoned calls (It can be Auto/Manual Dialing).


To provides self-service for the caller and take input for call routing.


Boost Productivity:

With ConVox integrated Zoho CRM, you can now manage all your customer interactions, sales, leads, and deals within a single unified platform. Maximize your team’s efficiency and free up valuable time to build lasting customer relationships.


Unify Your Data:

Our ConVox integrated Zoho CRM brings together vital customer information, communication history, and sales data from various sources, creating a 360-degree view of your customers.


Seamless Automation:

Zoho CRM Integration empowers you to set up intelligent automation that nurture leads, triggers follow-ups, and ensures not a single opportunity slips through the cracks.

Data-Driven Insights:

With ConVox hosted Zoho CRM Integration, you’ll have access to advanced analytics and reporting features that provide actionable intelligence. Track sales performance, measure campaign effectiveness, and identify growth opportunities to drive your business forward.


High Security to Data:

ConVox integration with Zoho CRM adheres to the highest standards of data encryption and privacy, ensuring your sensitive information remains safe and protected.


Build Stronger Relationships:

Zoho CRM Integration equips you with tools to foster meaningful connections through personalized communication and timely follow-ups. Delight customers with exceptional experiences that set you apart from the competition.

Don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your business to new heights of success. Join the ranks of thriving companies that have harnessed the power of ConVox’s integrated Zoho CRM to streamline business operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive revenue growth.

Try ConVox’s call centre solution integrated with the Zoho CRM system today and witness the transformation of your business as it does its best in the future.

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