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ConVox News Letter

Customer Success Stories - Aster Hospital

"Faster Appointments, Happier Patients: Aster Al Raffah Sets New Standard in Customer Care with ConVox"

Aster Al Raffah Hospital has our ConVox Contact Center Solution synchronized with their in-house Hospital Information System (HIS) to bring about a new order of his revolution in sales, appointments, and patient experience. From now on, the agent can set outgoing appointments straight from HIS without any hassle with manual data entries, allowing them to earn more efficiency.

On the inbound front, the systems empower agents to respond with speed to patient complaints, grievances, and inquiries, which increase support quality.

This is from the first contacts of the patients to after-treatment follow-ups, through pioneering this approach for Aster Al Raffah, of highly delivering remarkable patient care.

This has really set a new benchmark in a more customer-oriented healthcare experience.
In a visionary implementation of combining solutions, they have become one of the best in the industry and an exemplar to others toward ‘unrivaled patient satisfaction.

Trending Technology:

"ConVox WhatsApp Messaging Console: The Future of Business is Here (Latest Updates)"

Staying at pace with modern technology trends, ConVox Messaging Console brings a new revolution in communication and data management for any business.

It embodies a very multi-purpose dashboard hosting performance metrics, tools for user management through the creation and control of agent accounts, strong functionalities in the creation of campaigns, and offers many WhatsApp settings for users’ preferences in customized messaging, such as quick replies, sticky agents, and scheduling and out-of-office auto-replies.

Users can generate very insightful reports that touch on tracking appointments, WhatsApp activity, and overall engagement to make data-centric decisions.

It offers a structured approach for capturing, tracking, investigating, and resolving issues raised through various communication channels like WhatsApp, email, chatbot, SMS, voice calls, social media, and web portals

ConVox comes with minimum infra and easy-to-implement features, making it accessible and by far the cheapest in the market.

Our WhatsApp Messaging Console empowers organizations with better productivity, outcomes, and competitive advantage that would aspire them to excel better in the digital landscape, using the latest trends in data integration, communication optimization, operational efficiency, and intelligent automation.

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Deepija Telecom Current News:

"From Holi's Colors to Iftar's Feasts: Deepija Telecom Embraces Diversity"

Holi Highlights

The Holi Celebrations at Deepija Telecom were a colorful and joyous event, which marked the participation of the employees and co-colleagues of all departments. The occasion came out to be all the more colorful and interesting, as they drenched themselves in the lively spirit of Holi and allowed the colleagues to have fun in a friendly atmosphere, thus promoting camaraderie and bringing the whole company together.

Iftar Get-Together

Deepija Telecom celebrated Ramadan with a great zeal and an enthusiastic Iftar party of Muslim employees and colleagues. The special Iftar meals included Haleem, dates, and Biryani, along with music. Senior leaders and others helped wish them all and, in a small way, further the bond and spirit of inclusiveness in the workforce.

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