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ConVox News Letter

Customer Success Stories - Lodha Group:

"Scaling New Heights with ConVox: The House of Abhinandan Lodha's Success Story"

With massive growth in mind, The House of Abhinandan Lodha (HoABL) required a contact center solution that would keep pace with changing requirements.

And the answer was ConVox CCS, the feature-packed cloud contact center solution hosted on AWS and integrated with Microsoft 365 with a robust lead management system.

The Lodha Group has soared to new heights with ConVox, now operating a formidable force of agents spread out across multiple call centers in Ayodhya and Mumbai. Agent strength now is 4 times higher than initial strength. The flexible platform of ConVox became the launch pad for enabling seamless expansion over 8 transformative months.

ConVox didn’t just provide scale; we delivered customized brilliance. The integration with Microsoft 365 assured seamless collaboration, while the tailor-made solution in lead management provided valuable insights that empowered Lodha Group to optimize operations and deliver extraordinary customer experiences.

ConVox is a scalable platform with a lot of features, and the opportunities it opens for Lodha Group are immense in an ever-changing call center world.

Trending Technology:

"Omnichannel Call Center Solutions: The Future of Customer Experience"

In today’s dynamic environment, customers expect a seamless and personalized experience using any medium to connect to the customer rather than dealing with a company over the phone. Omnichannel Contact center solution ensures this ease.

This new solution can be integrated across various channels, including voice, chat, email, and social media, enabling the customer to seamlessly hand over without duplication of information. With full customer profiles available, the agents can make tailored engagements and offers.

Intelligent routing ensures that an inquiry is always directed to the most appropriate agent based on skill and preference to ensure problem resolution. Self-service is facilitated using options like IVR systems, knowledge bases, and chatbots.

It offers a structured approach for capturing, tracking, investigating, and resolving issues raised through various communication channels like WhatsApp, email, chatbot, SMS, voice calls, social media, and web portals

But that’s not all! Real-time analytics also empower businesses to identify pain points, optimize processes, and continuously enhance customer experiences.

Embrace ConVox omnichannel contact center solution to build consistent and personalized interactions and create satisfied, loyal customers. Stay ahead of the curve and unlock a superior customer experience that sets your business apart

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Deepija Telecom Current News:

"Deepija Telecom Embraces Vtiger CRM 8.0 for Elevated Efficiency"

Deepija Telecom is proud to announce the roll out of Vtiger CRM 8.0, which will be the latest and best platform in the market for the customer relationship management software being used. This promises optimization of the work and enhancement of the organizational productivity of its users.

Vtiger CRM 8.0 boasts improved compatibility with modern server environments, ensuring optimal performance and security. The introduction of automatic invoice generation and email capabilities will significantly reduce manual effort, enabling staff to focus on core business activities. Furthermore, the enhanced customization options allow for tailored workflows, fields, and layouts, ensuring a seamless fit with Deepija Telecom’s unique processes.

Combined with a user-friendly UI and a host of many features, Vtiger CRM 8.0 empowers Deepija Telecom to redefine customer engagement and power up relationships for business growth.

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