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Email Ticketing Solution

Personalized & Automated email ticketing solution to accelerate your services

Service Overview

Outbound dial modes such as predictive, progressive, preview, and manual can be configured to suit business process needs. Agents can work from home using an APP or login over a desktop/laptop as per the infrastructure availability.

Each client receives services from a dedicated virtual machine rather than a shared environment, which enables data privacy. Clients get more security for their data as dedicated VMs are allocated rather than a shared environment for hosting.

Organisations benefit by leveraging all the features of an advanced call centre by paying a subscription fee without having to worry about the management and technicalities of the same.

Product Features


Email Portal

Admin/Agents will have separate portal to manage mails


Multiple Domains

Domain such as yahoo, Gmail, outlook Or private mails can be configured.


Email Categorization

Agent can categorize mails based on the matter


Advanced Search

Search Mails based on mailer ID Or Ticket Number

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Transfer tickets between departments or Assign to a particular agent


Auto Responder

Configurable auto reply sent out when a new ticket or message is received


Email Routing

Define rules to route incoming mails


Status Tagging

Open - Inprogress - Resolve - Closed


Customer History

Track Customer Interaction from other channels


SLA Management

SLA Plans allows you to track over due tickets for swift resolution

User Advantages

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Available round the clock

Whether you are in the office or out to have lunch, you can receive and send emails anytime and anywhere. Your customers can reach out to you whenever it is convenient for them, and you can quickly come up with an action plan.


Detailed Description

Customers can present more detailed information on their queries, and you can provide more detailed solutions. This way, customers can feel that you take their concerns seriously. It is also possible to attach files, such as bills, screenshots, and other relevant documents!



Emails with ticket numbers or IDs are easy to trace and track. You and your customers can always go back to what you have previously discussed.

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Email support systems can be integrated into other channels. Moreover, sending an email costs the same regardless of distance and the number of recipients.



Email discussions are not available to the public, so customers can rest assured that their information is safe and secure.

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Latest From the Blog


Does agent need any specific application to access ConVox AED?

No. This is a browser-based tool So, agents can comfortably log in through any browser.

Can multiple email exchange servers be integrated?

Yes. Multiple email exchange servers such as yahoo, Gmail, outlook can be simultaneously integrated and individually routed to assigned department or specific agents.

Are the Email ticket numbers same for repeated mail in a thread?

Yes. There will be a unique ticket number for each incoming mail throughout the trail.

How is the SLA duration defined?

SLA duration can be set in minutes. Once an email doesn’t get closed in the stipulated time it will automatically go to the next level of agents’ inbox.

Can an agent have multiple other channels such as call, chat or social media parallelly with email channel?

Yes. The same email managing agent can be enable to handle requests from call, chat , what’s app or social media using single login.

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