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ConVox Hosted Call Center solution

With Convox Hosted Call Center Solution, we offer a comprehensive and scalable platform designed to elevate the efficiency and effectiveness of call center operations.


Service Overview

ConVox Hosted Call Center Solution presents a versatile platform for Inbound/ Outbound/ Blended Call Center. ConVox Hosted CCS is available as SaaS model from 2 users subscription to 1000 users and more.

Outbound dial modes such as Predictive/ Progressive/ Preview/Manual can be configured to suit business process needs. Agents can work from home using an APP or login over a desktop/laptop as per the infrastructure availability.

Each client is provided services form a dedicated Virtual Machine rather a shared environment and hence enables data privacy. Clients get more security for their data as dedicated VMs are allocated rather than a shared environment for hosting.

Organizations benefit by leveraging all the features of an advanced call center by paying a subscription fee, without having to worry about the management and technicalities of the same.

Benefits of ConVox Hosted Call Center Solution

Omni Channel Contact Center Solution features


  • Operated from Multiple Interconnected data center locations
  • Multiple Telecom operators and Multiple data bandwidth providers
  • 24X7 Support through multiple channels
  • High security setup with regular VAPT
  • Site – to – Site VPN


Robust infrastructure for high uptime

  • Ability to route calls from one location to another gives a huge channel pool.
  • Database storage at multiple locations for redundancy of backup.

Quick, Easy and No Capex Hosted solution

  • Ensures no down time due to Telecom operator or ISP breakdowns.
  • Scale up or scale down quickly as per business needs.

Specific advantage for Indian clients

  • Availability of different series and mobile numbers (80 Bangalore, 867 Vijayawada, 771 Raipur) for your outbound dialing campaigns.
  • NDNC Scrubbing
  • Maintenance free
  • Anywhere access

Service Features


Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

In Convox Hosted Call Center Solution, Automatic Assignment of calls to the agents, so that each agent gets equal call load.

call dialing icon

Outbound Modes(Auto & Manual):

Predictive / Progressive / Preview / Manual/ Click to Call



To provide self service for the caller and take input for call routing.


Call Barge-In/Call Coaching

Supervisor can listen to live calls and Agent can be trained on live calls.


Work From Home (remote working)

Admin/ Agent Login from anywhere through a secure VPN connection and use soft phone on agent workstations or it can be a direct call on mobile phone.


Disposition Management

Completed Calls can be marked with Disposition, Sub-Disposition & Sub-Sub Disposition Codes.

database icon

Dedicated machines

Clients are provided solutions through dedicated VMs rather than a shared database.


External CRM Integration

Cloud based CRMs such as Salesforce, LeadSquared, Zoho, MS Dynamics, Freshdesk etc can be integrated with the dialer.


Inbound / Outbound / Blended dial modes:

Process Admin can set relevant dial modes to suit business process needs.


AI Based Lead (calling list) Dispositions:

For predictive dial mode, the dialer gives easy to understand dispositions for not connected cases rather than incomprehensible hang-ups cause codes.


Missed Call Handling

Admin can set provisions for abandoned calls auto/manual dialing


Call Recording

Records all the Calls(100% Recording) for Training and Monitoring Purpose.


Mobile App for Agents

Agents receive / dial out calls using an Android App and access all the dialer features. Moreover, every call is recorded.


Monitoring Tools

All Call Center Resources like Agents, Servers, Calls, Campaign Can be Monitored live.


MIS Reports (Integrated with MS Power BI)

Complete and comprehensive reporting of your Agents, Calls, DID & Campaigns

Why Choose Deepija for this service?

Deepija Telecom is a market leader in developing Telecom Applications that help businesses to address the market challenges through innovations and latest technologies.
Deepija’s solutions are well tested and trusted by customers for over 20 years and continuing. ConVox Call Center Solution has been crafted and perfected through thousands of deployments both domestically and globally.
We are a premier provider of call center solutions that come with a versatile range of customization as per business needs. Our innovative technologies enable our customers to utilize intelligence for a more accurate and complete understanding of their call center challenges and opportunities

CUSTOMER STORIES of Convox Hosted Call Center Solution

Our client case studies of Convox Hosted Call Center Solution

Click to know more about Hosted Call Center Solution Presentation


What Infrastructure is needed to setup Hosted Call Center ?

Clients don’t need to setup any infrastructure. ConVox Hosts the servers and operator lines in Tier4 data center. Clients can access the solution over Internet and leverage all the features of call center.

Does predictive dialing work on Hosted Call Center?

Yes. Solution admin can set predictive dial mode and the desired pacing also.

How does the virtual number looks?

We provide mobile look alike mobile numbers such as 80, 867, 771 and others.

How do we contact for support?

There’s a dedicated helpline number for Hosted clients. Clients can call 24/7 for support or queries. Clients can also connect through channels such as Chatbot, Email, WhatsApp, Social media.

What are the plans available?

There are limited calling ,unlimited calling plans and also tailored plans to suit your pocket needs. You can reach us the same.

Do you provide toll-free number/ Virtual number number?

Yes we provide toll-free and virtual numbers on extra charges.

Do you provide Dedicated DID Number?

Yes, it is possible.

Subscription should be renewed every month?

Subscription can be renewed monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly.

How do I cancel my paid subscription plan?

You can cancel your subscription at any point of time with 30days Notice.

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