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Omnichannel Contact Center Solution

Omni Channel Contact Center from ConVox will Effectively and Comprehensively Solve & fix your Contact Center problems. Trusted & Incredible Contact Center Solutions from ConVox.

Omni Channel Contact Center Product Overview

 Omni Channel Contact Center Solution from ConVox enables customers to opt for Communication on their preferred channel like Voice, Chat, Email, WhatsApp & Social Media. It presents a unified view of customers, history and issue tickets from all channels for ease of management and improves speed of resolution. Omni Channel Contact Center Solution is designed to streamline your customer service operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost efficiency.

ConVox’s omnichannel contact center solution enables communication across all popular channels like voice, chat, social media, and email from a single user interface. It presents an integrated view of all channels for ease of management and maximum utilization of resources.

Product Features


Automatic Call Distribution

ACD is a vital feature in omni channel contact center that increases call handling efficiency by automatically assigning incoming calls to available agents to evenly distribute work among team members.



IVR in omni channel contact center, aims to provide self-service options for callers and effectively route calls based on DTMF (Dual-tone Multi-frequency). With IVR, organizations can enhance their customer service capabilities.


Call barge in

Supervisors can guide trainees during live calls by offering suggestions or intervening when necessary. Call barge in also serves as an effective training tool for new agents.


Feedback IVRS

The agent has the option to transfer the feedback to IVRS once the call has been ended. Feedback IVRS flow can be designed as per customer choice, and reports are generated.


Call Recording

Records all the calls and agent screens (100% recording) for training and monitoring purposes.


Disposition Management

Completed calls can be marked with disposition codes and sub-disposition codes.

Inbound Channels


Web Chat

Customers can interact with Quality using ``chat``. Customers can directly connect with the agents with their queries. Agents can raise the tickets for customers. Customers can also directly integrate Chatbot with website. Track customer interaction from Chat & other channels. Chat Clients are routed to other media during non-Working hours.



Customers can approach the organisation through WhatsApp chat. We provide advance WhatsApp Chatting features that ease the customer's work & organisational operations. Customers can switch directly from calling to WhatsApp Chat. Agents can also share documents through WhatsApp. WhatsApp Sticky agent feature is also available.



Automatically convert incoming customer emails into support tickets. Route tickets to the most appropriate agents or departments. Use per-configured email templates and auto-mate responses. Categorize tickets based on issue type or department. Escalate complex issues to higher-level support. Track Customer's history.


Social Media

In omni channel contact center agents can view social media messages on the integrated interface. Unified interface for all media. Monitor brand mentions and Messaging to proactively respond to customers. Build & Access customer profiles from social media interactions.

Outbound Types


Progressive Dialing

Automated dialing, controlled by agents, to reach out to important customers.


Manual Dialing

Agents can type the number and dial.


Preview Dialing

Selective click to call dialing.



Agents can take inbound and outbound in a single login.

WhatsApp features


Parallel Chat Handling

One agent can chat with multiple clients.

bot icon


User-configurable BOT flow.

multilevel icon

Chat Distribution

Auto-distribution of chat to the agents.


Sticky Agent Feature

Agents can connect with the same customer a certain number of times and vice versa.


Chat Transfer

Agents can transfer the chat to another available agent.



Auto response email

A customized auto-response email can be generated by the system.


Email ticketing

Complaint management can be handled through emails.


SLA settings

Admin can define his SLA as per his organizational hierarchy.


Social Media

Customers can interact with agents using social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.


MIS Reports

Complete and comprehensive reporting of your agents, calls, DIDs, and campaigns


Monitoring Tools

All call center resources, like agents, servers, calls, and campaigns, can be monitored.


Grievance management

Ticketing and escalation triggering are available across all channels.

Connect With Existing Infra



As per your business process requirements.


Email Integration

Email can be integrated within ConvoxCCS.

sms integration icon

SMS Integration

SMS can be sent on any event, like a specific disposition, a missed call, etc.

social media integration icon

Social Media integration

Social media channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter, Instagram can be integrated.

Security Aspects of Omni Channel Contact Center

password icon

Highly Secure Access

User rights are restricted, and password typing is masked.


Voice Encryption

Voice can be encrypted between server and agent to avoid snooping.

view icon

Session Handling

No user can view the reports without the login of an administrator.


Cross Site Attack

Applications are guarded against cross-site attacks.


No Data Injection

Data injection is prevented in MySQL Server.

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CUSTOMER STORIES in Omni Channel Contact Center

client case studies in omni channel contact center

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What is an Omni channel call centre?

ConVox omni channel contact center solution enables communication across all popular channels like Voice, Chat, social media & Email from a single user interface. It presents an integrated view of all channels for ease of management and maximum utilization of resources.

What are the features of Omnichannel?

Omni Channel Contact Center Integrates multi-channels like call, email, social media ,web chat in an unified platform for agents to connect with the customers approaching the organisation through multiple channels.

What are the benefits of an omnichannel call centre?

Omni Channel Contact Center helps the organisation to reach the customers effectively and increase productivity.

What platforms are supported?

Email, webchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter, Instagram are available. Other channels can be configured as per customer request.

Can an agent who receives a chat also initiate a chat transfer?

Yes, Only the primary agent of the chat can initiate transfers, If the chat is transferred to another agent, the receiving agent becomes the primary agent and can initiate further transfers.

Can we monitor the calls and other channels?

We do have the live monitoring feature to track the live calls and monitor the agent activity of all channels.

Do we have the reports for the connected calls and agent chat history of all channels?

Yes, we do have all possible reports.

Can I customize reports?

Yes, you can customize the visualizations by editing the report in Power BI.

How frequently does the data refresh?

The dataset for the Live Monitoring report is real time; if a report is refreshed or filters are changed, the data will be updated as per the current state of the system.

Can the chatbot be customized as per customer flow?

Yes, the chat bot can be designed as per customer organization flow.

Can customers reached through webchat bot have agent connectivity?

Yes, customers reached through webchat can be connected to the agent and chat with them.

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