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Convox Broadcasting Tools

ConVox Broadcasting Tools are automated bulk communication applications, which allows you to reach customers through Voice call/ WhatsApp/ SMS and record their responses.


Service Overview

Convox Broadcasting Tools helps you connect with a large audience simultaneously with common or personalized messages. Hosted BCT is a pay as you use service, that means you pay only for the channel(s) you use. Reaching customers through multiple channels also multiplies your connect ratio.

Omni Channel Contact Center Solution features


  • Operated from Multiple Interconnected data center locations
  • Multiple Telecom operators and Multiple data bandwidth providers
  • 24X7 Support through multiple channels
  • High security setup with regular VAPT
  • Site – to – Site VPN


Robust infrastructure for high uptime

  • Ability to route calls from one location to another gives a huge channel pool.
  • Database storage at multiple locations for redundancy of backup.

Quick, Easy and No Capex Hosted solution

  • Ensures no down time due to Telecom operator or ISP breakdowns.
  • Scale up or scale down quickly as per business needs.

Specific advantage for Indian clients

  • Availability of different series and mobile numbers (80 Bangalore, 867 Vijayawada, 771 Raipur) for your outbound dialing campaigns.
  • NDNC Scrubbing
  • Maintenance free
  • Anywhere access

Service Features


Unified Platform

Convox Broadcasting Tools provides common platform for Voice/ WhatsApp/ SMS


Browser Based Access

Web browser based interface, so easily anyone can access from anywhere and manage easily.


Answer Machine Handling

Answering Machines can be detected and appropriate actions can be taken by the ConVox Broadcasting Tools solution.

Dashboard icon

Live Status Display (Dash Boards)

Live status across all the channels (Voice, WhatsApp,and SMS



Can set scheduler or broadcast manually.


Auto Recycle

Operates multiple campaigns at a time and can auto/manual reset the data.


Multiple Campaigns

Operates multiple campaigns at a time i.e. SMS, Voice and WhatsApp


Calling List Management

Operates multiple calling lists at a time (Multiple Excel Data upload and dial).


Template And Voice Files

Create predefined template for SMS, Voice (IVR/Play File), WhatsApp


MIS Reports with MS Power BI

Downloadable instantaneous and dynamic delivery reports.

Advantages of BCT


Market More for Less Amount

With our Hosted BCT service, you wouldn’t require to build infrastructure. Bulk Communication tool require a small portion of resources and can be done by just one person.


Personalize message

The Service allows you to personalize your message , be it voice or SMS or WhatsApp. You can design and send the message as per the taste of your customers.


Benefit from Forwarding

People want to forward messages to their friends that they think might interest them and share with them on social networks. SMS/WhatsApp allows you to easily exploit the great potential of the reach and influence offered by social media.

conference icon

Reach Anyone Anywhere

Be it Small or Big, clients can use our hosted BCT service with simple resources and reach prospective customers on the other side of the world easily and affordable.


Real-time Messages

Run your personalized message campaigns in a matter of seconds just when you click 'send/start', your Bulk advertising campaign will immediately arrive at the prospective customer devices.

Why Choose Deepija for this service?

Deepija Telecom is a market leader in developing Telecom Applications that help businesses to address the market challenges through innovations and latest technologies.

Deepija’s solutions are well tested and trusted by customers for over 20 years and continuing.
Once you decide to promote your business and reach out to customers using voice /text messaging, be sure to send the Deepija Telecom team a message. Our very own Hosted Convox Broadcasting Tools platform have helped countless companies carry out successful promotional/interactive campaigns, for long-term growth and stability.

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CUSTOMER STORIES of Convox Broadcasting Tools

Our client case studies of Convox Broadcasting Tools


What is the buffer limit?

Buffer limit is the parallel blast to n number of contacts in the list.

What is the maximum number for the buffer limit?

No limit. It completely depends on the channel taken by the client.

Can we monitor the calls?

We do have the live monitoring feature to track the live calls.

Do we have the reports for the connected calls?

Yes, we do have all possible reports.

Can all the three services be subscribed at one time?

Yes. Clients can subscribe for all three services such as voice/SMS/WhatsApp.

Can we send personalized messages across all three modes?

Yes. Admin can create their personalized audio, SMS Template and WhatsApp Template.

Do we require WhatsApp API?

Yes. Clients need to procure WhatsApp API. We also help clients in the process of acquiring API.

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