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ConVox News Letter

Customer Success Story- TrueCredit

" TrueCredit Success Story: TrueCredit Thrives with ConVox Hosted Solutions "

TrueCredit, a leading credit services provider, improved their collection operations using ConVox hosted solutions.  

As the call volume was constantly increasing, TrueCredit required a scalable communication system, with higher efficiency and prompt services. It was required for TrueCredit to expand horizontally and vertically.  

ConVox’s cloud implementation brought immediate improvements through quick easy and scalable solution deployment across their, BPO partners.  

Accurate and effective predictive dialer system enhanced agent productivity. ConVox’s real-time monitoring and analytics gave insights to data-driven decisions on how to continually improve the quality of collection.  

TrueCredit significantly improved collection operations, resulting in increased operational efficiency and higher productivity per agent. 

Trends in Technology -

" Redefining Customer Interaction Powered by Machine Learning "

A Grievance Management System (GMS), or Ticketing Management System, is a software platform that automates and streamlines the handling of customer and employee complaints, feedback, and grievances.

Machine learning is redefining the way, a call center operates. Think of the age when most part of the conversation is done by machine.  When a machine needs help, then call us transferred to humans. While customer is interacting with human, machine is quietly learning, and next time same conversation can be done by the machine itself.  

This will revolutionize the way clients interact by making use of advanced speech analytics, sentiment analysis, and virtual agents.   

Optimizing service delivery through insights will increase response efficiency.  

Machine learning-powered routing system ensures calls go to the most appropriate agents for augmented resolution rates and improved customer satisfaction. 

ConVox is equipped with its predictive scheduling and performance monitoring tools. Using ML, ConVox is trying to allow contact centers to quickly adapt to the changing demands of their customers. Yet attain very significant cost efficiencies. Join us in embarking on this transformative technology to upgrade your contact center capabilities for better service quality and stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape. 

ConVox Newsletter June 2024 machine learning-01
Deepija Telecom News:

" Redefining Customer Connections: ConVox CCS 4.0.1 Is Here! "

We’re happy to announce the new and improved ConVox Call Center Solution version 4.0.1. The product is enriched with many new features, enhancements, and bug fixes of version 3.3.1. Upgrades include operating systems, Asterisk, and communication protocols. WebRTC softphone integration enables easy browser calling for streamlined operations, reducing the dependency on third-party software.  

Admin can now set up dynamically enabled modes for the WebRTC, softphone, or PSTN login of remote agents. Experience the real-time monitoring of agents with the newly enhanced process Real Time Monitoring and search filters.  

WhatsApp Integration was never this accessible—now connect your CRM in a jiffy with the new Voice API module to enable CRM on the outside. Keep your team connected across channels using the integrated WhatsApp module with single sign-on of call center agents.  

Get ready to revolutionize your customer experience with ConVox CCS 4.0.1! 

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