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Predictive Dialers for Call Centers

ConVox Predictive dialers can significantly improve your call center's efficiency. These systems automatically eliminate non-responsive leads, ensuring agents connect only with live contacts, thus boosting productivity.

Solution Overview

If you’re looking for a solution to boost productivity and efficiency in your call center, Deepija Telecom’s ConVox Predictive Dialer offers a user-friendly and revolutionary solution. By automating the dialing process, this state-of-the-art system has significantly increased agent productivity and overall efficiency. Furthermore, the flexibility of the system allows you to choose between progressive or preview dialing modes, catering to your specific needs, whether it’s high-volume calling or a more personalized approach.

Moreover, compliance with regulations is essential, and the Predictive Dialer ensures that all calls strictly adhere to TCPA regulations, safeguarding your business from potential legal risks. With advanced features such as call recording, the system also provides invaluable tools for superior agent training and maintaining top-notch quality control.

In conclusion, the power of automation should not be underestimated. Deepija Telecom’s Predictive Dialer not only improves outbound campaign efficiency but also enhances the overall customer experience. It’s time to say goodbye to manual dialing and unlock beneficial results for your call center.

Product Features


Telecom Media

Telecom Media understands the importance of agent efficiency in today's call center environment. That's why we offer predictive dialing as a key feature within our comprehensive suite of solutions.


Data Input

We understand the importance of data quality. Our predictive dialer seamlessly integrates with any existing CRM system, ensuring accurate and up-to-date lead information is used for dialing.



While the predictive dialer automates dialing and eliminates wasted time, the ACD efficiently routes calls to the most qualified available agent based on skills and availability. This ensures a smooth customer experience and maximizes agent productivity.


Call History

Our predictive dialer automatically logs all call details and interactions within the call history. This eliminates the need for manual data entry after each call, freeing up valuable agent time and ensuring accurate record maintenance.


Lead Re-churn (Manual/Auto)

Our predictive dialer allows you to set specific parameters for lead re-churn attempts. You can define timeframes for follow-up calls, prioritize leads based on past interactions, and even schedule re-dials outside of peak call times.


Dial Pacing(1-10)

Our predictive dialer utilizes advanced dial pacing algorithms. This ensures agents are presented with calls at a manageable rate, allowing them to deliver focused and personalized attention to each customer.

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Number Masking

By displaying a familiar or local company number, number masking reduces call hesitancy and encourages customers to answer the phone. This translates to a higher connection rate and allows agents to connect with receptive leads, ultimately leading to improved call center performance.


Serial/Ratio based list dialing

This innovative approach allows you to define the order and frequency with which leads are dialed. You can prioritize high-value leads, ensure even distribution across your contact list, and even schedule re-dials for unanswered calls based on specific timeframes.


List Management

Our predictive dialer has strong list management features. You can activate or deactivate lead lists easily. Schedule call campaigns with designated start and end times. Ensure agents dial only from targeted lead pools.


Call back assignment

Our predictive dialer leverages intelligent call-back assignment functionalities. This feature lets agents focus on high-value interactions while automatically scheduling follow-ups for lower-priority leads.


Multi Campaign Facility

Our dialer offers a powerful multi-campaign facility. This allows you to alter your outreach efforts to distinct customer segments by running targeted campaigns simultaneously.

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Five-Party Conference

This valuable feature allows agents to easily connect with multiple leads or colleagues during a single call, streamlining communication and facilitating real-time problem-solving.

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Redial/Alternate Number dialing

Our dialer offers intelligent redial/alternate number dialing functionalities. This feature automatically retries unanswered calls or attempts to connect with leads using pre-defined alternate contact numbers.

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Live Dashboard

Our live dashboard empowers agents with real-time visibility into their performance. The intuitive interface displays individual and team statistics, allowing agents to track their progress, identify areas for improvement, and maintain peak motivation throughout the day.


Power BI Integration

Our dialer integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Power BI. This advanced integration empowers you to move beyond basic call center metrics and delve into deeper data analysis.


Comprehensive reports

Our dialer generates comprehensive reports that provide valuable insights into your call center operations. This detailed data encompasses agent performance, call metrics, and customer interactions.

User Advantages

Maximize productivity

First of all, a predictive dialer for call center presents agents with a steady stream of calls, so they can spend more time having live conversations and less time dialing. As a result, this maximizes their productivity and leads to more conversions, subscriptions, and collections.
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Eliminate Unproductive calls

Additionally, a predictive dialer can prioritize calls based on specific criteria, such as the likelihood of a successful connection. As a result, call center agents can spend more time speaking with potential customers and less time dealing with unproductive calls.

Control Contact Attempts

Predictive call center dialing software offers built-in contact attempt controls, therefore, so you can stay within the bounds of the legal requirements for your industry. For example, like those pertaining to how many times you can make contact and during what hours of the day.


Reduce Costs

Firstly, when your business depends on agents reaching as many people as possible as quickly as possible, predictive dialing software is an optimal solution. Additionally, more contacts in a shorter amount of time means a lower cost per contact.

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CUSTOMER STORIES in Predictive Dialer

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What is pacing in predictive dialing?

The pacing ratio is the no. of calls that the dialer dials out per agent.

What is the maximum pacing allowed?


Can multiple processes have individual pacing?

Yes. Each campaign can have a unique pacing value configured.

Can Admin change pacing value intermittently?

Yes, the admin can modify the pacing values and the changes are reflected instantly.

What are the dispositions of not connected calls?

Not connected calls are disposed of with relevant hang-up because codes of PSTN such as Ringing, User Busy, etc.

What happens if there is a high connect ratio and less number of available agents to answer the calls?

Once all connected calls are allocated to available agents, extra connected calls are logged in the queue. In the queue we can configure a pre recorded greeting message and promotional audio messages during wait time.

How can we re-attempt not connected leads?

There is manual re-churn option and auto lead- re attempt based on time interval available in admin interface.

What is an alternate number chasing?

If contact has five alternate numbers and the primary number is not answered. Predictive dialer automatically tries the remaining alternate numbers for connection.

Can we re-churn specific disposition leads?

Yes. Admin can allow/disallow re-churn of specific dispositions.

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