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Virtual Meeting Room

Introducing our innovative solution: ConVox Virtual Meeting Room and Audio Conference. Our virtual meeting rooms let teams work successfully regardless of where they are in the world.
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Product Overview

When two or more individuals who are in different places utilize tech like a conference bridge to hold an audio call, it is known as audio conference. Instead of each participant dialing their own number to connect, ConVox audio conferencing uses a single system to link them all. This makes it different from typical phone calls.

Product Features

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Dial-In/Meet-Me Conference

The ``Dial-In/Meet-Me Conference`` feature in the solution allows those participants joining the conference just by dialling the DID number.


Dial-Out Conference

This feature helps virtual meetings to be more efficient, flexible and accessible as moderators are now able to cross-connect participants whether they are in remote locations and using different communications means.


Concurrent Conference

The Concurrent Conference in a Virtual Meeting Room improves the potential, as well as creates efficiency and collaboration since the participants can have more than one meeting at a time in the same platform.


Lecture / Moderator / Interactive Modes

The solution provides different conference modes, thus it is able to cater to the diverse business requirement and meeting objectives.

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This Virtual Meeting Room feature ensures that conferences are protected with multiple layers of security, including conference ID, PIN, and mobile authentication.


Call Recording

The ``Call Recording`` feature comes with a built-in recorder that is an optional tool when it comes to capturing, and saving audio content from meetings to a virtual platform.


Web Management

This Feature provides online portal for room reservations, video conferences in real time, and account management of attendees.

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Hand Raise

The Hand Raise feature enhances communication dynamics by allowing participants to request speaking time while on mute status.

Conference Modes

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Interactive Mode:

With this feature, Both moderator and participants can interact/speak.


Lecture Mode

In this feature, Only moderators can speak. Participants will be in mute.


Moderator Mode

In the moderator mode, Moderator presence will be mandatory for starting the conference.


Concurrent Conferences

The solution is capable of conducting Concurrent Conferences at any point in time.


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Live Monitoring

With live monitoring in place, Moderators can manage live Conference calls.



Moderators can send Agenda/Notification/Reminders by Scheduling conferences.



Reports can be used by Moderators to access reports like CDR & Billing.

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What is an Audio conference bridge?

Audio conferencing bridge is the best tool for internal connectivity of employees in the organization to increase its productivity and communication among employees.

How does an audio conference bridge increase your business productivity?

Audio conferences allow businesses to hold meetings and conferences with expensive equipment.

Is there a limit of participants in the audio conference?

There is no limit of participants in our solution,it completely depends on organisations requirements and channels procured.

What is the maximum time length of an audio conference meeting?

Admin can define the time length of the meeting.

Can a user get a personal conference ID?

Yes, system generated conference ID is provided to join the meeting.

Do you have any pre-scheduled audio conference meetings?

We can pre-schedule the audio conference meeting

Will it be notified to the participants?

Yes, we can notify the schedule of the meeting to the participants through SMS.

Can the recordings be available?

Yes, all the meetings are recorded for future reference.

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