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International Audio Conference System

Our ConVox Audio Conference System offers sound quality, smooth connectivity, and  features designed to enhance collaboration and productivity. Welcome to the future of audio conferencing!


Service Overview

An Audio Conference System is a smart technology which allows two or more users to conduct a meeting over any PSTN media. The ConVox Cloud Audio Conference gives an excellent quality of voice with state of the art technology and maintenance free cloud setup.

Benefits of ConVox Hosted Platform

Omni Channel Contact Center Solution features


  • Operated from Multiple Interconnected data center locations
  • Multiple Telecom operators and Multiple data bandwidth providers
  • 24X7 Support through many channels
  • High security setup with regular VAPT
  • Site – to – Site VPN


Robust infrastructure for high uptime

  • Ability to route calls from one location to another gives a huge channel pool.
  • Database storage at many locations for redundancy of backup.

Quick, Easy and No Capex Hosted solution

  • Secures no down time due to Telecom operator or ISP breakdowns.
  • Scale up or scale down quickly as per business needs.

Specific advantage for Indian clients

  • Availability of different series and mobile numbers (80 Bangalore, 867 Vijayawada, 771 Raipur) for your outbound dialing campaigns.
  • NDNC Scrubbing
  • Maintenance free
  • Anywhere access

Service Features


Dial-in/Meet-Me Conference

People can join conferences by Dialing DID Number.

conference icon

Concurrent Conference

Multiple conferences can be held parallelly at the same time



Conference is secured with conference ID,PIN & Mobile authentication


Web Management

Provides web-login for Scheduling, Monitoring Conferences and Managing accounts


Dial-Out Conference

Moderator can reach people by dialing out numbers


Lecture / Moderator / Interactive Modes

Provides different conference modes to serve the business needs


Call Recording

Provision for optional recorder


Hand raise

People can request to talk while on mute status

Advantages for Audio conference bridge


Reach More People

It helps you to reach all your employees and customers.


Cost Efficient

Very user friendly and inexpensive to use

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Saves on Travel Money

Save the money you would spend on business travel and put it toward other business priorities


Boost Productivity

Completing targets, and producing impactful results


Improves Attendance

Allows the kind of flexibility that can boost meeting attendance rates

Why Choose Deepija for this service?

Deepija Telecom is a market leader in developing Telecom Applications that help businesses to address the market challenges through innovations and latest technologies. Deepija’s solutions are well tested and trusted by customers for over 20 years and continuing.
ConVox Audio Conference System is used by state government , micro finance, political organizations and others to host their meetings seamlessly & securely over PSTN call.
Our innovative technologies enable our customers to utilize intelligence for a more accurate and complete understanding of their communication challenges and opportunities

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CUSTOMER STORIES of Audio Conference System

Our client case studies of Audio Conference System

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Do we need to enter Conference ID and Pin Number every time?

It’s not mandatory to login with Conference ID and Pin. Moderator can give access with either conference ID or Mobile number authentication

What will be the Maximum Number of participants?

Different plans cover upto 100 Participants. More participants can be added through a Customized plan.

Schedule Conference

Can we conduct Parallel Conferences at the same time?

Yes, we can conduct Parallel Conferences at the same time in multiple Conference Rooms.

Can we conduct International Conferences?

For Inbound : Participants can join from International number by making a call to the Conference Number.
For Outbound : Customized package is to be subscribed to make International outbound calls and connect to the Participants.

Can I conduct conference at any point in time?

Yes , ACB is available 24 *7

Can I get dedicated channel?

Currently we are offering shared channel (dedicated channel can be provided on extra charges)

Does it support Auto Dialing to make Dial out Calls (to conduct the conference)?

Yes, auto dialing option is available (need to be discussed by our development Team).

Do we get the recordings of the earlier conference?

Yes, Recording feature is available; moderator can enable/disable the recording feature while scheduling the conference.

What are the different ways I can start or schedule a conference call?

You can start your conference any time scheduling is required only for sending notification.

Pricing and hardware :

What are the price plans?

Please follow the below link to get the plan details.

Do we get local number for dialing for other Locations?


Do we need any hardware to connect to conference?

You only need a calling device like Cell Phone / Land line phone to connect to conference bridge

Do you provide toll-free number/ Virtual number(ten digit mobile number) instead of normal PSTN number?

Yes we provide toll-free and virtual numbers on extra charges.

Do you provide Dedicated DID Number?

Yes, it is possible

Subscription should be renewed every month?

Subscription can be renewed monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly.

Carry forwarding of Credentials?

Credentials are not carry forwarded.

Do we get local number for dialing for other Locations?



How do I ensure my conference is secure?

Conference is secured by Conference ID, Pin and Mobile Number authentication

Billing & Cancellation

How do I change my password?

Login into account.
Go to settings, click change password, Enter New Password, Confirm

How do I cancel my paid subscription plan?

You can cancel your subscription at any point of time with 30days Notice.

My account has lapsed. How do I reactivate it?

You can contact the customer Relationship manager to reactive your account

Who do I contact if I have a billing question?

You can reach our customer Relationship manager during working hours.

How can I recharge / Renew my account?

You can recharge your account by Visiting our website.

Will I get a receipt for my purchase?

All of your receipts will be stored on your Account History page. You will also receive a receipt via email for your first subscription purchase, subsequent renewals and any time you change your subscription plan thereafter.


Can I mute/unmute individual attendees?

You can mute /unmute individual attendees by going to monitoring screen.

Where can I go for Technical help?

You can reach our 24*7 support center

How can I download my recording?

1. Login to your account
2. Go to conferences tab
3. Select the conference id Click on download button

Where are my recordings stored?

Your Recordings are stored in our Data center for a period Six months

Is there a separate charge for listening to recordings?

We are not charging for listening to recordings

Can I name the conference with topic name?

While scheduling conference you can assign conference name

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