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what is call bridging and how to use it

Call bridging is a technique to stay connected even if they’re far from each other. A conference call bridge option allows people to participate from diverse locations at the same time. You only need to have a device with a stable internet connection to schedule and hold virtual meetings.

The invites can join the call with a link to join or with a dial of a conference number. Call bridging platform also allows the user to create multiple conference rooms or to add as many members as required.


This is the most efficient way to hold office meetings. Setting up a conference call bridge is far easier than collecting all members in one room. In this part of technology you just need to send a link to the meeting to all members, which they can join with a single click and a password. Another way to use a conference call bridge is via a dial-in number where invitees can call directly from their mobile phones to join the conference call.

This call bridging makes it easy for a large number of people to join an online meeting without any complications or new software. The steps to use in your call center are:

1. Selecting the Appropriate Solution to Start

For this firstly look at what you currently have with you. For instance, if you are a Google shop then using Zoom to integrate with office meetings is the best solution for you. Apart from this, messenger, Skype and Net meeting might also be probable solutions for you. But, it is always a good idea to work out first at your requirement. Review for this and it should cover both local and remote sites.

2. Compute the use Call Bridge both Operationally and Technically

For this measurement two things are to be considered:

Booking and Inviting  Members-

Your participants must know the conference number to dial or any other joining credentials. This you can do with the assistance of an administrator, or by the meeting, organiser using email or software.

Setting up the Virtual Meeting-

Over time there are random bugs that need immediate resolution locally or externally. You must have all these technical support in your package for a successful call bridge.

Safety Measures-

This step ensures how secure your calls are for participants and the content to be shared. Your solution must have the answer to how well potential solutions fit with your existing security environment.

Selection and Carrying Out-

After having the requirements of a call bridge solution, you now need to look at how you would execute the process technology. One big question is whether you can put it into practice in-house with existing equipment, or you would need to outsource it.

Why are Bridges more Popular than ever Before?

Contributing to online and offline meetings are less stressful than presenting in person. Here are the benefits of using call bridges over in-person conversations.

  •  Lesser Costs and Higher Efficieny -

The costs of team meetings vial call bridging are minimal to none. It does not need any office rent costs, energy bills, commuting expenses, supplies, etc. This leads to higher productivity. 

Moreover, call bridging for office meetings is an excellent way to reduce carbon footprints. With this, you can contribute to saving the planet earth.

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